Fires The residents of the detached house woke up to a fire in Nurmijärvi, the building was completely destroyed

No one was injured in the fire.

About The 120-square-meter detached house was destroyed in a fire in Nurmijärvi on Saturday morning, the Central Uusimaa Rescue Department said.

The fire place is located in the Lintumetsä detached house area. The emergency center received a report of a fire on Kurjenkuja at half past seven in the morning. When the rescue service arrived on the scene, the detached house was already on fire.

A firefighter on duty Raimo Laakson according to the residents of the house woke up to the fire. All five people were able to get out without injury, but the building was completely destroyed.

The spread of the fire to the adjacent detached house was narrowly prevented.

“It was all minutes away,” Laakso says.

The valley according to the building burned so strongly that its radiant heat was close to igniting the adjacent house. The spread of the fire could be prevented by putting a water cast on the side of the house next door, the firefighter says.

The cause of the fire is not yet known. According to the valley, the fire originated from the feel of the porch of the house, either inside or outside.

Police are investigating the cause of the fire. According to Laakso, nothing suggestive of arson has been found.

Palosta heavy smoke spread to nearby areas.

“It became revelations, but now it’s starting to fade a little,” Laakso said at half past nine in the morning.

The actual extinguishing work is already over, and a post-clearance will be carried out at the fire site. It is estimated to last at least until the afternoon.

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