Fires The boys’ flame games led to a dangerous situation in Joensuu: a haystack spread only twenty meters from the houses

The risk of grass fire is still high in the southern and western part of Finland.

In Joensuu children’s play with fire led to a dangerous situation on Sunday afternoon when a haystack spread just twenty meters from two detached houses, the rescue service is reported.

A firefighter on duty Jari Nevalainen according to two boys about 13 to 14 years old had apparently set fire to the grass in an experimental or playful manner, and gusts of wind spread the fire over an area of ​​about an acre.

“The perpetrators are known to the police. One had instigated and the other tried to prevent this from making sense, ”Nevalainen tells STT.

The fire was contained by about an hour of work, and about 10 people were present at the rescue service. From the early afternoon, the rescue service had already switched to post-fire extinguishing.

Nevalainen suspects that the stranger of the police will not come from the boys’ fire games, because the property was not destroyed, but believes that the police will talk to the children’s parents.

In addition to the most endangered houses, there are dozens of other detached houses in the same residential area.

Saturday rescue services extinguished several wildfires across Finland. Shortly after seven in the evening, more than twenty alarms had accumulated for rescue services from the wildfires.

Many of the fires originated from burning, which was also done in areas where the grass fire warning was in effect. Garbage burning and children’s match-fixing were also behind the pieces. Some of the pieces spread to courtyards or houses.

According to the Rescue Act, no open fire may be made when a forest fire or grass fire warning is in force.

By Saturday, the Finnish Meteorological Institute had issued a grass fire warning to several areas in the southern parts of the country, and also on Sunday the risk of grass fire is high widely in the south and west of the country.

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