Fires Several fires were lit in Nurmijärvi on Sunday morning, police ask for observations

The rescue service evacuated people to safety from an apartment building whose protective hood was set on fire. The police ask for observations of the cases.

In Nurmijärvi several fires were lit on Sunday morning, police inform.

According to a police release, the protective hood of an apartment building under renovation on Salkolantie was set on fire, causing extensive damage to the apartment building. The rescue service evacuated people to safety from the building.

At the same time, a rubbish bin was set on fire on Aleksis Kivi’s road, which was completely destroyed. The car next to the canopy was also destroyed. In addition, a barbecue shed was set on fire on Krannilankatu and a clothesline and a tree next to it on Punamullantie.

The Eastern Uusimaa Police Department asks for possible observations of the cases. Findings can be reported to or by phone at 02954 35044.



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