Fires Lightning set fire to a six-storey apartment building in Savonlinna – residents evacuated, five taken to hospital

The hazard statement issued for the area has been dismantled. The fire has spread to the first floor of the six-story building and the house will be badly destroyed.

Savonlinna in the downtown area on Asemantie, a six-storey apartment building caught fire the night before Saturday. According to the South Savo Rescue Department, the fire started after the lightning struck the roof of the house.

The 15 people in the house at the time of the fire were evacuated and five of them were taken to hospital, according to the South Savo Rescue Department. Temporary accommodation was provided for ten people.

“It was lucky in the accident that it was Midsummer’s Eve and a lot of people were away from home. The fire progressed so strongly, especially in that early stage. It seems that serious injuries were avoided, ”said the firefighter on duty Eero Aho at six o’clock on Saturday morning.

Initially, the rescue service and police estimated that several dozen people would have been inside the house at the time of the fire.

According to the rescue service, crisis assistance has been arranged for the residents.

The South Savo Rescue Department announced shortly before morning on Saturday that the fire had spread to the first floor of the six-story building. By morning, the rescue service had moved to the post-extinguishing phase, meaning the fire was no longer intense, but there were several smaller fire outbreaks around the house.

Post-fire work is expected to last throughout the Midsummer day.

The fire also spread from the roof to other parts of the building and the house will be badly destroyed. After the fire is extinguished, the apartment building is passed from room to room.

“Quite a massive fire. Some have been at Midsummer elsewhere, and it has been challenging to reach people, ”said the Director-General, Commissioner Sami Joutjärvi From the Eastern Finland Police Situation Center at three o’clock at night.

There have been several rescue service units as well as police and first aid during the night at the fire site.

Police initiate a fire investigation when the fire has been extinguished. The presumed cause of ignition is lightning.

“A really strong thunder front went over it,” says Joutjärvi.

The area was previously given a hazard notice due to heavy smoke generation, in addition to which the rescue service urged to avoid moving in the vicinity of the area due to heavy emergency vehicle traffic. The danger bulletin was unloaded at about three o’clock the night before Saturday.

Several rescue units, police and first aid have been present during the night.

The Rescue Department received an alarm of the fire at 00.26 on the night between Friday and Saturday.



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