Fires “It was Dad’s life’s work,” says Toni Tyrjy, an entrepreneur of the Hiittenharju business family destroyed in the fire.

Harjavalta Hotel Hiittenharju had old glamor, Toni Tyrjy describes the hotel founded by her father. Drought and heat hampered the firefighting work on Wednesday and also posed a danger of a wildfire.

Wednesday night A fire broke out in Hotel Hiittenharju, located in Harjavalta, Satakunta, which completely destroyed the hotel’s main building.

Those on the hotel premises could be evacuated quickly. On Wednesday, the cause of the fire was still under police investigation.

Hotel Hiittenharju belongs to Tyrjy’s entrepreneurial family.

“There’s a bit of a wistful mind to all of this, but there’s nothing for him. Helkkari’s coronavirus and this is still on, ”he says Toni Tyrjy by phone. “This has been a tough place for the boy too.”

Toni Tyrjy is the current CEO Tuomas Tyrjyn father. Toni Tyrjy’s father Seppo Tyrjy founded the hotel Hiittenharju in the 1970s. Toni Tyrjy herself says that she has been working at the hotel since she was young and “the place was familiar like her own pockets”.

Toni Tyrjy

Tyrjy, who has since moved to Uusimaa, now thinks that he has visited the hotel too rarely in recent years.

“It was a father’s life’s work, kind of a bit for me and then a son,” he says.

There was old glamor in the place, she describes.

“In the 70s, the place was one of the finest in Satakunta, just on top of the last one. There was a French chef and guests from Harjavalta businessmen. ”

The area has hosted the province’s famous women’s dances on Tuesdays since the 1970s.

“The place was one of the finest in Satakunta in the 70s. There was a French chef and guests from Harjavalta businessmen. ”

“Dances was a meeting place for people all the way to Ostrobothnia and Turku. The dances were played by a good band and there were star performers, Tapani Kansoja and the like, ”says Tyrjy.

Because of the coronavirus, the dances were on hiatus.

“The dancing was just supposed to continue. But now the dances have been danced. ”

Fire originated from the hotel’s roof structures and spread to virtually the entire building.

“The main building had sauna facilities, a swimming pool, conference facilities, a restaurant and a kitchen. Everything burned to reindeer, ”Tyrjy says.

On Wednesday evening, the Satakunta Rescue Department issued a hazard report on smoke harmful to health from the fire.

The video, filmed on July 14, shows how heavy clouds of smoke rise to meter heights.

The fire threatened also spread out to the separate terraced houses next to the main building, which are also part of the hotel. There are several terraced houses next to the main house, they are of different sizes and built at different times, describes the on-duty firefighter Jari Eno From the Satakunta Rescue Department. According to his estimates, the longest of the terraced houses is about 70 meters on the longest side and about 30 meters on the shortest.

“The nearest townhouse is just a few meters from the main building,” Eno says.

Tyrjy says there were a total of 66 hotel rooms in these buildings. At the moment, the rooms have their electricity and water cut off.

According to Eno, the buildings were not greatly damaged, but it is possible some of them have suffered from thermal stress.

Toni Tyrjy praises the fire department for its prompt action.

“If they hadn’t acted as fast as they did, everything could have been destroyed and the nearby forest would have burned.”

“Yes, there was a danger of an onset of wildfire.”

Wind carried sparks from a hotel burning in flames to a nearby pine forest.

“Yes, there was a danger of an onset of wildfire. Because the building burned as the fire department arrived as an open fire, we focused on monitoring the building’s environment and preventing the fire from spreading. We immediately realized that the terrain is very flammable right now, ”says fireman Eno.

The fire department managed to prevent the fire from spreading and the terrain eventually burned to just a few dozen squares.

In the fire at Hotel Hiitteharju, there was a danger that the flames would spread to the nearby forest.

Finland trying heat affect the work of the rescue service.

“The beginning of the fire is not affected by the heat, because everything is dry inside the building. Even more worrying in such weather is the resilience of rescue workers, ”Eno commented in general.

In hot weather, breaks should be taken more than usual, Eno says.

According to Eno, it is essential that the rescue workers have taken care of the fluid and salt balance throughout the day. In the Hiittenharju fire, according to him, a few had to move aside due to heat exhaustion to take up hydration.

“Long-lasting heat extinguishing seeks out its peers in its load. The heat load is huge and there is a huge heat load outside in these weather, ”says Eno.

“If there is no liquid and salts in the body, you don’t have to do a lot of work when your knees are already loose and you have to take a break for several hours.”

In the heat, he compares doing fire-fighting work inside to being in a burning building.

“Smoke diving only takes 30 minutes and it’s already hard work.”



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