Fires In the area of ​​Nissbacka Manor, a sauna built in the 19th century burned down over the weekend: “You can’t get a building like that back with any trick”

The cause of the fire is still unclear.

Vantaa In Sotung at Nissbacka Manor, in the area of ​​Laila Pullinen Sculpture Park and Home Museum, an old 19th-century sauna building burned down on the night between Friday and Saturday.

Resident in the manor area Jean Ramsay says he first found out about the fire on Facebook through Hakunila ‘s local pusher radio group.

“I woke up at four and looked at Facebook. Someone had put in the Hakunila group that someone ‘barn’ was returning in the area. At that point, cold sweat began to come. ”

Ramsay lives in the manor’s old pehdoor house, which now serves as the main building. The burnt sauna building is located about 100 meters from the main building of the manor.

Ramsay says he pulled on his rubber boots at night and set out to inspect the buildings in the mansion area.

By this point, the sauna had already burned down completely, and according to Ramsay, there were two people from the Free Fire Department.

“I encountered this sad vision there”

Sunburned the building was, according to Ramsay, an old people’s sauna. It belonged to the old caretaker’s cottage in the manor area, next to which it was located.

Ramsay says her son-in-law has been renovating the cottage recently as this is moving into it with her family. According to Ramsay, the log, red-molded building was in good condition inside and would have been renovated next.

According to Ramsay, the sauna has not been used since 2008. Its doors were screwed closed and plywood pulled into the windows.

However, it was not a deserted house, but the building was part of the historic manor area of ​​Nissbacka. Laila Pullinen Sculpture Park and Home Museum are located in the manor area. Featuring Ramsay’s mother, the late sculptor, is on display Laila Pullisen work. According to Ramsay, the buildings in the manor area are protected in the town plan.

The sauna building was part of a whole that Ramsay is protecting in the footsteps of her parents.

“Laila always said that when trying to protect the whole, every part of it is important. No matter what the insurance premiums, you can’t get that kind of building back under any trick. ”

The burnt sauna was a log building from the 19th century.­

Ramsayn according to police, they visited the scene with the dog patrol on Saturday. Ramsay says the dogs marked two points where flammable liquid would have been used as a igniter.

HS did not reach the Eastern Uusimaa police to comment on whether they were investigating the cause of the fire.

According to Ramsay, there were no injuries in the fire. He points out, however, that the fire occurred during a grass fire hazard. In Uusimaa and the Helsinki metropolitan area, several wildfires have caught fire over the weekend.

In the worst case, therefore, the fire could have started to spread.

“It has fallen trees next to it that could have caught fire. It could have drowned the whole hill in the fire. ”

Fire the cause of ignition is still unclear.

However, vandalism has taken place in the area of ​​the sculpture park in the past. HS wrote about the destruction in 2017, when an attempt was made to burn the old caretaker’s cottage and the now burnt-out sauna was broken into. Laila Pullinen’s studio was also broken into.

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