Fires In Northern Savonia, a devastating barn fire in Sonkajärvi, more than 30 cattle died in flames

50 animals were rescued from the barn.

In Northern Savonia In Sonkajärvi, more than 30 cattle died when the barn caught fire late Friday night. The aftermath of the fire continued until Saturday.

Firefighter of the Northern Savonia Rescue Department Tommi Antikainen says 50 of the barn’s beef and dairy herds were rescued, but 33 died in flames.

The farm’s human residents have received crisis aid, and the cows that survived the fire have been taken to the care of nearby farms.

About 600 square feet of cattle shelter was in open flames when the fire department arrived on the scene. According to Antikainen, the fire spread to five adjacent buildings, which included warehouses and a garage. In addition, sparks flew from the fire, causing a wildfire.

“There were no injuries. The people of the house, five people, were exposed to smoke as they fetched cows out of the barn, ”says Antikainen.

No information is available on the cause of the fire.



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