Fires In Espoo, a building burned with a big flame is completely destroyed – Roihu also collected a lot of bystanders

Two people who breathed in smoke were taken for inspection but are not believed to be in danger of death.

In Espoo lit a fire on Saturday night around a hundred-square-foot building. When the rescue department arrived on the scene, the two-story building was on fire.

At this point, the fire had reached the fire manager of Länsi-Uusimaa Tuukka Tuulin according to spread already in the adjacent residential building. The fire department got the adjacent building extinguished and prevented it from spreading to other buildings.

Fire chief Tuuli says that the 100-square-meter building, which originally burned, will be completely destroyed in a fire.

Two people who inhaled the smoke were taken for inspection, but they are not believed to be life-threatening, according to the fire chief.

According to the Western Uusimaa Police Situation Center, the flames also gathered a lot of bystanders to follow the fire.

“It’s got people on the scene to watch when that rumble has been so big,” the police situation center tells of the early night.

Police have no information on whether the people who inhaled the smoke and were taken for treatment were bystanders who arrived to follow the fire.

The police at least at this stage, there is no reason to suspect that the fire was a criminal offense.

Even the rescue service had no information about the cause of the ignition on Sunday night.

It has also remained somewhat unclear exactly what kind of building it has been. According to the fire chief, according to the initial data, it would have been a sauna building, but the building has been quite large. However, the fire chief says he spoke that it would be a residential building.

Firefighting work in Lake Pitkäjärvi, Espoo, lasts until morning. According to the fire chief, there were still a lot of units on site from the beginning of the night at half past one.

The announcement of a major building fire in Pitkäjärvenranta came on Saturday after ten o’clock.



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