Fires A fire broke out in the empty kitchen of Meilahti Hospital, and firefighters had to smoke in the fire: “Burned with flame”

The fire had no effect on the hospital’s patient work.

Meilahti a fire broke out in the hospital early Thursday morning when a biowaste treatment plant in the central kitchen caught fire. The Helsinki Rescue Department said on Twitter this morning that the fire did not cause any injuries and had no effect on patient work.

When the fire broke out, there was no staff in the kitchen, and the rescue service received a notification via an automatic fire alarm. The announcement of the fire came at five o’clock in the morning.

“The local rescue unit arrived at the site and found that the premises were full of smoke. The device, which caught fire, burned with a flame, ”says the firefighter on duty Samuli Saarioinen.

Mission was converted to a building fire alarm in flight and several rescue units arrived on the scene.

“No one was doing the initial shutdown and it would not have been possible to do it at that time. We had to smoke dive into the premises to get the fire under control, ”says Saarioinen.

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The fire was quickly under control and the kitchen was allowed to start operating in the morning. According to Saarioinen, fortunately the smoke could not spread from the loading dock to other premises.

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