Fires A fire broke out in a nursing home in Turku at night, a wheelchair caught fire for a reason unknown so far

One person was injured in the fire.

In Turku an early morning fire broke out in a nursing home. According to the rescue service, a wheelchair caught fire in the living room of the nursing home for a reason unknown so far. One person was rescued from the room who was not seriously injured. However, he was transported to the hospital.

The rescue service and the staff of the nursing home moved five other residents of the ward to other premises for the rest of the night.

Palosta there was an automatic alarm, after which the nurses went to check the situation immediately, according to the rescue service. The fire generated a lot of smoke in the hallway, which prevented the nurses from initially extinguishing the fire. However, the nurses immediately called the emergency center.

According to the rescue service, the automatic fire extinguishing equipment also limited the fire.

The Rescue Department received an alert for a fire classified as large on Capsiankatu just before half past two on Thursday morning. The cause of the wheelchair’s ignition is being investigated.



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