Fine Art Review Vesa-Pekka Rannikko returns to “lying” works

Works made of through-stained plaster have been modified to resemble a painting.


Vesa-Pekka Coast: Lions eat grass 13.6. until Galleria in Anhava (Fredrikinkatu 43). Open Tue – Fri 11–17, Sat – Sun 12–16.

Vesa-Pekka Rannikon Skin (PANDA Team Leader) (2020) is a panda bear protruding in three dimensions from a gallery wall. The lightweight panda standing on its back is reminiscent of adventurous characters performing the task of computer games or fantasy movies.

The title gives a viewing instruction: The coast has moved the elements representing the name (panda and team leader) in parentheses, and the actual title is replaced by a passage that refers to the creature’s skin, or rather its surface.

Panda leather, skin, looks like a painting, but is actually the surface of a sculpture.

A new private exhibition on the coast Lions eat grass goes back to the early 2000s, when the Coast made Figurative works combining painting and sculpture.

Vesa-Pekka Rannikko, Grace, 2020.

Works made of through-stained plaster have been modified to resemble a painting. At close range, it looks as if there is an unfinished thick layer of paint everywhere, from further afield, the characters are reminiscent of pixels and an electronic image.

The artist himself calls his works “lying sculptures,” referring precisely to the way in which they apply to two- and three-dimensional expression at the same time.

And as if to underscore between painting and sculpture, the Coast has hung sculptural works on the wall in the style of a painting exhibition – and on the other hand a couple of painting-like figures stand on a pedestal that also looks made of a layer of paint.

Topics vary between the light observations of contemporary painting and classical religious subjects. For example, next to Panda Skin (Bushranger) (2021) is as playful as its neighbor: the hedgehog-like character also looks like an adventurer, though not a leader.

Upon arrival at the gallery, a more solemn angel statue greets the visitor Perfect (2020), which balances on top of the pillar as it crashes into flight. In the next room Mother of God, Mary (2021) is also on its own pedestal.

Lions eat grass The exhibition is complemented by stop-motion animations that bring a sketchy print and text reminiscent of notebook scratches into the space.

Vesa-Pekka Rannikko, Skin (PANDA Team Leader), 2020.



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