Financial crimes Donald Trump’s creditor charges heavier than expected: Allen Weisselberg is accused of 15 years of tax evasion

Donald Trump will not be prosecuted, but prosecutors hope Weisselberg will bow to testify against Trump.

The United States former president Donald Trumpin For the first time, criminal charges have been brought against the Trump Organization. The charges were also brought against the company’s CFO Allen Weisselbergia against. There are a total of 15 charges in the criminal case against Weisselberg.

According to prosecutors, Weisselberg failed to pay taxes on $ 1.7 million, or about $ 1.4 million in revenue. Tax evasion continued for 15 years, according to prosecutors. Weisselberg denies the crimes.

The criminal charges would be the first in nearly three years of investigation. According to CNN, they could be sentenced to long prison terms. Initial estimates suggest the charges are tougher than expected.

Weisselberg surrendered to authorities on Thursday shortly after morning local time. That afternoon, he came to the court in handcuffs to hear the charges.

Trump Organization Attorney Alan Futerfas said at the briefing that he sees the charges as an exceptional precedent. The alleged offenses relate at least to Weisselberg’s employment benefits, such as free housing, which are not recorded in the tax return.

“If the company name was anything else, I don’t think these charges would have been brought,” Futerfas said.

At the beginning of his presidency, Trump transferred his company to a fund managed by his sons and Weisselberg. However, Weisselberg’s accusations go back to a time when Trump was in charge of the company.

Prosecutors would like Weisselberg’s help in prosecuting Trump, as he is known as Trump’s creditor. Prior to his surrender, Weisselberg refused to cooperate with the prosecutor.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that prosecutors investigating the company carrying his name were biased and asserted that the company had not committed “any crime”.

The Trump Organization believes Weisselberg is being used as a pawn in a game where prosecutors are trying to get to hurt Trump.

“This is not justice, this is politics,” the company said in a statement Thursday.



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