Filed for divorce in an unprecedented incident!


An Egyptian woman filed for divorce due to her husband’s request to her to borrow to pay off his debts.
In her lawsuit before the family court in Heliopolis, the Egyptian said, “He kicked me out of the marital home after 24 years of marriage, in which I endured his violence, recklessness, squandering of his money, and his lack of responsibility, for refusing to allow me to enter my apartment after changing the law, and submitting a disobedience lawsuit against me to forfeit my legitimate rights, Dumping my street belongings. “
And the wife continued, “He lost all that I was tired of with his company for years, and forgot that I deprive myself in order to provide money for my children. “I demanded my rights, and he bargained with me and tried to harm me, in exchange for my relinquishing the imprisonment cases against him for evading payment of expenses.”
She added, “He forced me to leave the marital home under threat, after a death clause, because of the disagreements that arose between us because he wanted to pay off his debts, get rid of all my belongings, reject the attempts at reconciliation, and he followed me with lectures and reports to cause me scandals.”

Source: Al Ittihad – Abu Dhabi

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