Figure skating Emmi Peltonen solved the competition problems brought by the corona: she organizes a figure skating competition for herself, where relatives are the judges

Finland’s number one skater Emmi Peltonen trains three times a day, but assures that there is enough time for the rest. “You have to remember to enjoy life, friends and family, not to burn out,” he says.

Emmi Peltonen failed to show off his skills at the World Figure Skating Championships last spring. It was a pity, because Finland’s number one skater was in a strong mood and the desire to show was strong.

At the Winter European Championships, Peltonen placed fifth, which is one of the best Finnish achievements of the sports year marked by the coronavirus epidemic. Viveca Lindfors tinted with his European Championship bronze in 2019, but he had to end his career due to back problems.

“The cancellation of the World Cup was a small setback. I was well prepared for the race. Even if I didn’t have to think terribly backwards, for once I was okay. Well, it’s useless to mess around anymore, ”says Peltonen when he starts the second trainings of the day at Myyrmäki Ice Rink in Vantaa.

Although the World Cup in the spring was canceled, Peltonen implemented his long-held dream and skated a special choreography on the ice of a wilderness lake lake sheltered by the Nuorgam fells.

“I have always dreamed of the possibility to skate in such a place – a frozen lake – surrounded by pure nature in winter,” Peltonen said at the time.

“It would have been too much adventure, and I want to do all the things with a normal race routine.”

Emmi Peltonen trains several times a day.­

Peltonen intends to be okay this season as well, although it is possible that the only important competitions in the winter are the Finnish Championships during Christmas in Joensuu. The European Championships should be in late January in Zagreb and the World Championships in March in Stockholm. The fate of both events is uncertain due to the corona situation.

If the European Championships are held, Finland will have two representatives in the women’s individual competition. Vantaa resident Linnea Ceder was in its twelfth contest debut last year.

Several international competitions marked for December have also been either canceled or postponed.

At the end of November, Peltonen could have competed in the Santa Claus Open in Budapest, but the departure there did not attract Helsinki residents.

“I had to cancel the race. There is a curfew in Budapest and there should have been permits to pass. Food should also have been ordered in advance. It would have been too much adventure, and I want to do all the things with a normal race routine, ”says Peltonen, 20.

“Being pretty unconscious when you don’t know what to participate in and prepare for.”

Emmi Peltonen is preparing for the second rehearsals of the day at Myyrmäki Ice Rink in Vantaa. “A hard fire and motivation will move you forward.”­

Last During the week, Peltonen also missed the second selection competitions of the Finnish Figure Skating Association, where the winner was a Tampere resident. Jenni Saarinen. In the first qualifying competition held in early October, Peltonen was superior.

The selection competitions will qualify athletes for the Joensuu Finnish Championships ice, where Peltonen will be the dominant Finnish champion anyway. Peltonen also has Finnish Championship gold from 2017 and 2018.

“Being pretty unconscious when you don’t know what to participate in and prepare for.”

Peltonen’s long-term coach Sirkka Kaipio says the same. Korona has made it difficult to plan the training of figure skaters.

“Things need to be tracked and moved back and forth. For Emmi, I hope that the Korona time will have a positive effect on him so that he can knock out the top ten in the 2022 Olympics, ”says Kaipio, whose coaching teams include sixty skaters of different ages.

“It’s getting harder all the time. It maintains fire and interest and increases motivation. ”

Coach Sirkka Kaipio and Emmi Peltonen in training at Myyrmäki Ice Rink.­

When races are rare, Peltonen has decided to organize his own competition with no other participants.

With these prospects, the race will be held at the Helsinki Ice Rink in a couple of weeks. Peltonen reserves the ice shift for two hours. He calls acquaintances and relatives as judges.

“I skate the short program on Friday and the free program on Saturday. I give the judges notes on which they can write numbers from vitos to ten, ”Peltonen says of his idea.

So there are only dozens in store?

“Not when you have to be honest,” Peltonen says and laughs.

For this During the season, Peltonen has renewed his short program. The free program is scheduled to renew next season ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“It’s getting harder all the time. It maintains fire and interest and increases motivation. I will do this for as long as there are enough of them. ”

Under the work is learning new jumps. The quadruple jump is not in the program yet, but that time is still coming.

“Triple Axis I’ve been working out every now and then, but it crashes between badly. You have to be careful, ”says Peltonen.

He knows what he’s talking about, because a year ago Peltonen injured his ankle specifically while practicing the triple axis.

“Ice skating is not a lifetime.”

Practicing jumps is commonplace for Emmi Peltonen.­

Difficult practicing sections increases self-confidence, which, however, can also be acquired in another and somewhat surprising way.

Peltonen returned recently Artem Torgashevin from a three-week training camp in Florida. Torgashev is one of Peltonen’s childhood coaches. In Florida, Peltonen flew via Frankfurt to Miami, from where there was still a drive to the training site.

“I was alone on the move and for the first time I drove all the way. Frankly, it was scary, but through driving came self-confidence, ”says Peltonen.

He left Florida for Finland while the election of the President of the United States was underway.

“The election showed how much anxiety there was in the air. There were bars on the windows of the houses. On the flight, there were still pimples from the face mask under my eyes. It was distressing, ”says Peltonen.

When the second ice exercise of the day is over, there is a little rest ahead before the evenings. In the morning, he has been to Turku for muscle and body training.

The days go by suddenly, and they sound tough, but Peltonen assures that there will be time for the rest.

“You have to remember to enjoy life, friends and family, not to burn out. Ice skating is not a lifetime, ”says Peltonen happily.

The expression is estimated to be Emmi Peltonen’s strength as a skater.­

Emmi Peltonen

Born in November 1999 in Nashville, USA, turns 21 years old.

Figure skater.

Place of residence Helsinki.

Society of Figure Skating in South Vantaa.

Coach Sirkka Kaipio.

Participated four times in the European Championships, with the Fifth in 2020.

Twice at the World Cup.

Ranked 20th in the 2018 Olympics.

Three-time Finnish champion.

Father Ville and grandfather Esa have represented Finland in hockey at the Olympics.


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