Festivals The super weekend of the festivities will be celebrated at least in Helsinki, Tampere, Lappeenranta and Muurame – “It is good that we have even managed to do something”

The current coronavirus situation is reflected in ticket sales and last-minute artist cancellations, festival organizers say.

Present The weekend is an actual super weekend of festivals, when outdoor events are held at least in Tikkurila, Tampere, Lappeenranta, Seinäjoki and Muurame.

Tammerfest and the Tikkurila Festival, organized by Nelonen Media Live, are by far the largest outdoor events held in Finland this summer.

“Both festivals are sold out and the demand has been huge. Now we have to warn that the store may have scammers selling fake tickets when there is so much demand, ”says Nelonen Media Live’s marketing manager Matti Markkola.

At Tammerfest, the festival area is 80% full of normal, which means that there are a total of about 24,000 visitors in three days. Tikkurila has about 8,000 visitors per day, Markkola says.

“Again, the festival areas have had the opportunity to find looser places to spend time, and handbags and hand washing have been properly taken care of. There have been no safety clearances in front of the pallets. The masks have only appeared in the audience occasionally, but the festival staff uses them all the time, ”says Markkola.

“The traditional side of security has gone well at both festivals, meaning there has been little to no serious disruption, and people have behaved well and been happy.”

The same company is organizing an electronic music festival Solar Sound in Seinäjoki this weekend for younger audiences. The event is not sold out.

Tampere moved back to the acceleration phase this week, when the number of coronavirus infections has started to rise again. However, it did not affect Tammerfest’s arrangements, Markkola says.

“Prepare for such a scenario in advance. The new restrictions mainly apply to interiors and restaurants, so they will not affect us. Dispensing in the festival areas will end at 24:00, subject to restrictions. ”

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Earlier a few corona infections have emerged from the Himos Midsummer Festivals and Iskelmä Festivals held in the summer.

“In Tammerfest and Tikkurila, the average age is slightly higher than in Himos, for example. By default, therefore, people have taken a vaccine or even two, which has a positive effect on our work, ”says Markkola.

On the other hand, the increase in corona infections directly affects ticket sales, says the managing director of festival organizer RH Entertainments Riki Huhtala.

This weekend, RH Entertainments is organizing Rock in the City festivals focusing on heavy music in Lappeenranta. There are a couple of visitors, three thousand per day.

The same event was scheduled to take place the following weekend in Lahti, but was canceled due to poor ticket sales.

“After all, sales go partly depending on how you write in the media. If you write that the situation looks good and there is no one in the hospital, then tickets will be sold, ”says Huhtala.

“After all, ticket sales slowed down significantly when infection chains started to appear after the football games. Now ticket sales have started to recover again. ”

RH Entertainments’ biggest summer event will be held next weekend in Järvenpää. The Järvenpää soi event is expected to have 5,000–10,000 visitors per day.

In addition, four more Rock in the City festivals are coming, and at the end of August, the organizer’s closing event will be celebrated in Oulu with the Kuuska soi festivals.

According to Huhtala, by increasing the number of restrooms and liquor outlets in the areas, it has been possible to avoid the formation of queues and congestion. Hand washing and hand washing points have been added, and announcements and posters reminding us of corona actions are in use. There are occasional crowds of fans in front of the stage, but the organizer cannot influence it, Huhtala says.

It is still too early to say how profitable the festival summer has been for the organizer, Huhtala says.

“There are flashes of light, and then, on the other hand, negative moments when the flags haven’t moved, even though we’ve invested in security. It’s good that we’ve even managed to do something. We employ many and for many subcontractors this is also the only industry, ”says Huhtala.

In general, the festival summer seems to be going well, says Markkola of Nelonen Media Live. He is delighted that other festival organizers are also organizing their events.

“Now there is a small but legendary Naamat festival in Muurame, for example,” says Markkola.

In the wall the atmosphere is great, says the festival manager Photo by Järvinen.

“People see that there is a need for such community and doing things together and an atmosphere of love,” Järvinen says.

A thousand tickets are usually sold to Naamo, but this year the capacity is 80 percent of the usual.

Corona arrangements have also been taken into account at small festivals. Usually, festivals have held indoor gigs in the barn, but this year all performances will be held outdoors. Handwash points have been added and the staff walks into masks, Järvinen says.

“We have tried to make the event responsible, in accordance with the authorities’ instructions, in which people would still be comfortable,” says Järvinen.

The prevailing corona situation also affects Naamo, as three artists have had to cancel their performances due to exposure. Replacers have been urgently sought to replace him.

“We have to live here with this new normal,” Järvinen says.

Nelonen Media Live is part of the Sanoma Group, which also owns Helsingin Sanomat.



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