Festivals Kaustinen hosts one of Finland’s biggest festivals this summer – concerts online and on site, starring Ismo Alanko, Mariska and Anne Mattila

Thousands of fiddlers will not be seen at Kaustinen this year, but a total of 22 concerts will still be held at the Arena and Kaustinen Hall.

Folk music is ringing like a ringing in Kaustinen this summer, but not quite as usual because of the corona pandemic. Thousands of players have not been seen in Kaustinen now.

As last year, the Virtual Caustic event will be held online again, with a program that includes both a free program and paid concerts.

In addition, more than 20 concerts will be held on site at Kaustinen during the festival week in the Central Ostrobothnia Arena and Kaustinen Hall.

There will be ten arena concerts, six of which will also be streamed online. According to current information, the audience may be 500 people in one concert. The stands are constructed in such a way that it is possible to maintain the necessary safety clearances. Serving and drinking will not be arranged at the event.

A group of performers has changed since February, when the festival announced its upcoming summer artists. For example Mari Boinen the concert will move to 2022.

This summer, Kaustinen’s arena concerts will see, among other things Ismo Alanko, who performs on stage alone, folk music ensemble JPP, Anne-Mari Kivimäki and a fire mill together with a dancer Timo Saaren with, percussionist Anne Mattila together with the Tallari ensemble and Dance Theater Tsuumi.

Previously announced performers include Kaustinen Houseband as their soloist Mariska, A band of the Caustic Year Maria Kalaniemi and Eero Grundström, Frigg, Piirainen Blom Company as well Paula Vesalan, Aili Järvelän and Jutta Rahmel trio Vesala – Järvelä – Rahmel.

Other public concerts are played in the Kaustinen Hall, and a limited number of tickets are sold.

Many of the performances can also be viewed remotely.

In addition, a number of concerts from all over Finland, described in advance, are promised. The entire international program can also be found in Virtual Kaustinen’s software.

You can buy 24-hour or full-week viewing rights to concerts online.

Virtual Kaustinen’s free gaming program shows new gaming videos of the day every day from 10 a.m. for 24 hours. On the festival’s own Youtube channel, the fiddler videos are available in their release order all the time, even after the event week.

Caustic the bush play, which is an essential part of the festival, ie free-form jamming, will be successful this year as well, although not on site. Open meeting places will be set up in the network, where you can gather to play with acquaintances and strangers.

The great ensemble returns to the program after years of hiatus. The virtual ensemble of the gamers will be led by a group of gamers from Kaustinen, Satakunta and Savo on Saturday, July 17.

Caustic The folk music festival was first held in 1968. The festival is still the largest folk music event in the Nordic countries.

Last year, a physical event had to be canceled due to a corona pandemic, but was held instead a highly popular Virtual Caustic event.

The festival will be held from 12 to 18. July.



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