Festivals Glastonbury, the world’s largest open-air festival, will be canceled again this year: A quick decision could prevent bankruptcy

The event organizer said in December that bankruptcy can be avoided if a decision on cancellation or organization is made in a timely manner.

World the largest open-air festival, the Glastonbury Festival in Britain has been canceled again. This is the second year canceled in a row. According to the news agency Reuters.

It is an annual festival held in Somerset in the south-west of England at the end of June, whose program includes not only music but also circus and several other art forms.

The festival will be canceled due to the corona pandemic. Organizers Michael Eavis and his daughter Emily Eavis reported on Twitter on Twitter.

Organizers said to the media last year to change “even the place of heaven and earth” so that they could have the festival held in 2021. However, one organizer was unable to stop the pandemic and the event had to be canceled again.

The organizers promise that all those who bought a ticket for the 2020 festival will be guaranteed the opportunity to buy a ticket for 2022 as well.

Glastonbury was supposed to be the 50th anniversary year last summer. The event will be held on the Eavis family dairy farm and associated land.

135,000 tickets were sold for 34 minutes at last summer’s festival. The performers would have been, among other things Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar.

According to Emily Eaves, the festival lost “millions” due to the cancellation in 2020. Her father Michael has previously warned that the festival could go bankrupt if they have to cancel in 2021 as well.

“But that possibility is unlikely if we can make a lasting decision in either direction in time,” Eavis said. To the BBC in December.


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