Festival The summer peace was postponed three times, and when it was finally held, the main performer Mew asked for more time for his set and the program director cried with joy – see HS photos from the first night of the festival

Crisis meetings were held at the Turku event, which was held three times, from the beginning of the week, when new restrictions were imposed during the construction of the festival. Turku Castle Park was a solution to epidemic problems.


Artistic manager Pietu Sepponen stood in front of the main stage in a good mood.

22-Pistepirkko had just finished the first gig of the big stage on Friday afternoon. Behind him rose Turku Castle, and more visitors to the Summer Peace Festival stepped into the park.

The realization of the festival has been a two-year project and full of problems.

“I’ve been crying today when I was in the service area adjusting something related to the completion of the area and I heard Mew play the soundcheck Special“, Sepponen says.

The song by the Danish main performer has become a joint power song of the employees of Summer Peace.

“Time goes by on emotions. It has been a long journey to hold another Summer Peace ever. ”

The week of Pietu Seppänen, the artistic director of the festival, has been full of exciting moments.

22-Pistepirkko played the first band on the main stage on Friday.

Helsinki residents Veela Valtere and Sirkka Husu danced at the 22-Pistepirkko gig. Valtere and Husu dance whenever there is a chance and are happy that the festivals were held.

Turku The Summer Peace was held for the first time in June 2019. The second event has been postponed three times, and plans have had to be constantly changed until the very last.

On Monday, four days before the start of the festival, the authorities said as a preliminary announcement that Southwest Finland would also enter the spread phase.

At that time, the event area was already under construction. At the same time as the trucks brought festival structures to Turku Castle Park, the organizers held a crisis meeting on whether the whole event could even be organized.

The decision to tighten the restrictions came as a surprise. The organizers had hoped that the capacity of medical care would not be overburdened so that more stringent measures would be necessary.

Summer peace saved a large area. The castle park has five square meters per visitor, while normally a couple of guests can stand on one square.

The festival was moved away from the original venue to the Old Grand Square – where Christmas peace is proclaimed – as it is cramped and maze-like.

The castle park and its nearby parking lots have four stages and plenty of space to move around. A couple of adjacent streets have also been made available from the city.

Drink and food points are located on the edges of the area so that they do not cause congestion.

In the past, the historic park has hosted single performer events such as Pet Shop Boys and Liam Gallagherin gigs, but not a multi-stage festival.

There were more than 4,000 visitors on Friday, and the same is expected on Saturday.

Summer peace was held in a large area where it is possible to move around loosely.

The festival audience enjoyed the music despite the coronation fears.

There is no mask compulsion in the area.

Some of the gigs had a lot of audiences.

When the pandemic situation has worsened during the summer, many festival ticket buyers have tried to get rid of their tickets.

The Facebook Wall of Summer Peace began to fill with sales announcements, and organizers rushed to make it look bad. The situation had to be brought under “communication control,” Sepponen says.

In the last stage, they decided to please the ticket buyers. It was possible for anyone interested to transfer this year’s tickets to next summer.

“We wanted Summer Peace to remain in people’s minds as an event that is nice to attend. Now we can be sure that all the people who have been here have chosen to come here. ”

Organizers have added health safety briefings to fences and large screens. In addition to basic hygiene, they remind you to take care of yourself and your friends.

There is a face mask recommendation at the outdoor event and staff keep them away at all times.

At the heavy music event in Tampere, Saarihelvet, there is a tighter line over the weekend: only a mask can be used as a customer.

Anne-Mari Junnola and Pilvi Liikkanen from Helsinki got excited to have fun with a photobooth point.

It was possible to move around the area loosely.

There is also a Silent Disco in the area.

Ibe took over his audience as the last performer of the evening at Linnalava.

Malla’s gig had a close atmosphere.

Festivals have received even severe guilt and barking, especially in late summer as anxiety has increased.

For Sepponen, it has been grueling. Festivals are part of an event industry that has suffered a lot from the Korona era.

Summer Peace allows for rewards for 56 artist groups and many subcontractors.

“It feels really offensive to hear that defamation of festivals.”

From Seppos, a coron passport could serve as a longer-term solution for organizing events in the soon-to-begin indoor gig season.

Sunborn Live, which organizes summer peace, runs gigs at Logomo in Turku and the Helsinki Culture House, among others.

Sepponen also works as a promoter for Lost in Music, which will be held in Tampere and will introduce new artists. It was skipped last year, but the new company is in October.

“Here it is imperative to start finding, with the support of society, the models that can be used to learn to live with the corona. Of course health above. I would see that there could be an opportunity in the corona passport. ”

Over the weekend may still have time to face disaster if any other.

Seppo is worried about what would happen if one of the artist groups were exposed. The tension is up all the time.

In normal times, it is exceptional for domestic artists to cancel gigs, but several cancellations have been patched at many events this summer.

The summer peace has been canceled by the British Supergrass, the Norwegian Honningbarna and the Swedish Viagra Boys. Underlying these were uncertainties about travel restrictions and concerns about future appearances in one’s own country.

There are five foreign artists and bands from Denmark, Sweden and Estonia left.

That’s already many, as foreign performers have been in short supply this year.

However, just this weekend in Southwest Finland we will also see the Swedish Europe singing Final Countdown In Liedo Smugglerrok.

The Naantali Sunfests were supposed to perform Boney M, but the German disco band canceled on Thursday. They were replaced Tauski and the Catcat duo.

Mew has remained involved in the Summer Peace, although the time of the performance was changed three times. The band asked later in the week if it would get a little more playing time.

Got, for half an hour, a total of an hour and a half slot.

The rest of the week my biggest cry of sorrow have been the alcohol restrictions that will take effect on the last day of the festival.

On Sunday, the area will be filled with chairs and tables, as the outdoor event can be held at a maximum of half capacity so that all visitors have a seat at a table or some level. About 3,000 guests are expected to attend.

“The arrangements were so far away that we bent on it,” Sepponen says.

The warm sun was shining in the area on Friday, but all day rain has been promised for Saturday. In a normal year, it would darken the mind of any festival organizer.

“The weather is the least worrying thing here,” says Sepponen.

Artistic the manager’s moving moment came on Friday night, when the sun had already set.

Dressed in darkness, Mew stepped onto the dark main stage. From time to time, screensaver-like visualizations flickered in the background. A video of daisies and other colorful things was projected on the end tower of Kivilinna.

Mew on the main stage. Jonas Berre said he was grateful to be able to play live.

Mew’s gig had a great light show.

The audience sang along with Mew’s well-known songs.

Mew’s gig was filmed diligently.

Many in the audience were excited to cuddle.

Between Jaakko Henriksson and Paula Mustonen, a friend who rejoiced in the festival atmosphere.

The audience swayed long, meandering sounds from the external memory and became enthusiastic about the less delicate falsetto song singer Jonas Bjerren with.

Mew is important to the generation of thirties who like Indian music, who were the majority of the festival audience. It is those bands that have their own Finnish pronunciation, Mevi. Pronunciation in the form of Mjuu would be too sophisticated.

“Other,” Bjerre said.

That was enough for the applause: many had not heard the only Finnish word of foreign performers for a long time.

Mew last performed in 2018, and according to the organizers, the band was very moved to return to the stage. They had waited a long time to be able to embark on their tour of playing a 16-year-old classic record And the Glass Handed Kites.

At 22.01 it rings.

Oh, you’re special, you’re a Rocket to me, Bjerre sang.

The situation was special. Bright lights would illuminate a rare vision: the crowd.

Pietu Sepponen had calmed himself for a moment. He went to the lawn at the foot of the castle to lie on his back and listened to the song with his eyes closed, sometimes open.

Light works on the castle wall.

The evening is over.

The light works reflected in Turku Castle in the twilight of the evening looked stunning.



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