Festival Kaamosaja’s art event will spread to the city’s walking trails for a week – open-air films, choral singing and a light installation

“The idea is that you can come here to pop even with an evening walk,” says Mari Kauppinen, producer of the Kaamos Surprises event.

Fire performances, open – air movies, choral songs. This week, travelers in the city can be surprised in very mundane places, when the city of Helsinki has to offer Kaamos surprises The event will spread to popular downtown routes and suburbs.

“We want to revitalize the art field and bring joy to the townspeople in the middle of the darkest time and to this year, which has been heavy for many,” the event’s producer Mari Kauppinen says.

On Sunday at dusk it is worth heading towards Oodi and Civic History. Artist Alexander Reichstein has built a poetic light installation at the north end of the central library Flight time, with fifteen sleeping figures hovering in heights. The work, which reflects on the value of sleeping and dreaming, is on view throughout the week.

Flight Time is on display at the north end of the Oodi Library.­

Civic Hall will also perform on Sunday Emma Salokoski led by the choir and ensemble Emma Salokoski Voices, whose soundscape provides experiences for both the hearing and the visual. After them, the Philomela Choir creates a meditative atmosphere Silent Night -live. Also included are clarinetists and saxophonists Tapani Rinne as well as a percussionist Power Majamäki.

In the square in front of Oodi, it is also possible to step into an immersive landscape painting that is illuminated around the clock and enjoy sign language art. Poet Satu Kankaanpää, Visual Vernacular artist Quentin Greenin and theater artists Silja Ruonalan and Olga Greenin the performance is suitable for all children from adults.

Kaamosajan art can also be experienced in Malmi, Kannelmäki and Itäkeskus. Old advertisements and Helsinki-themed clips are shown on the screens tuned in front of Kanneltalo and Stoa. In Malmitalo’s pop-up open-air theater, you can see five minutes Sleeplessshort films.

“There is reflector navigation for the youngest members of the family in the suburbs, so it’s worth bringing your own flashlight,” Kauppinen suggests.

Kaamos surprises The event will start at the same time as the tightened interest rate restrictions come into force in the Helsinki metropolitan area. However, according to Kauppinen, they will not affect the program, as it was originally planned to be carried out completely outdoors, and security issues have been carefully considered.

“Both performers and audiences adhere to safety margins. Civic history is delimited by pens, if necessary. We have a lot of law enforcement officers and we also remind you to keep your distance with alerts. We recommend that viewers wear a mask, ”says Kauppinen.

“It’s not a festival, but the idea is to pop in here even with an evening walk. The works are pop up style, our intention is to surprise passers-by. ”

The Kaamos Surprises event also wants to remember those people who can’t enjoy art themselves and those who work who can’t stay telecommuting.

“On Monday morning, there is a surprise program for commuters on the corners of the railway station and the Citizen’s Square. During the week, performances will also be taken to the courtyards of Helsinki’s senior homes, ”says Kauppinen.

Kaamos surprises 20–28 November all over Helsinki. Detailed presentation information on the event’s website at events.hel.fi/fi/home


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