Fashion Vogue will then switch Kamala Harris to a cover photo for some of the February issues

The original cover image received harsh reviews.

Fashion magazine Vogue will change anyway Kamala Harrisin cover image for at least part of the February issue of the U.S. edition. The reason is the critical feedback the magazine receives. The news channel tells about this, among other things CNN.

Two different cover photos of the magazine taken from Vice President Harris, who will take office in the United States on Wednesday, leaked to the Internet prematurely more than a week ago and produced immediate results. strong feedback.

Particularly attention was drawn to the image of Harris posing in front of a pink and green background dressed in a black blazer, dark pants and Converse branded sneakers. Critics have been annoyed not only by the image being too relaxed but also by the “white wash” as they think the face of the dark-skinned Harris has been made to look much whiter in the cover photo than it should be.

Now Vogue has decided to replace at least some of the magazines with an alternative, widely supported cover image in which Harris poses restrainedly in a Michael Kors suit against a golden background. According to Vogue, that image was originally created for the digital edition of the magazine, CNN says.

“As a sign of huge interest in our digital cover page and in honor of this historic moment, we are releasing a limited number of special issues,” Vogue has announced.

Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Anna Wintour defended in the past choosing a more relaxed image by making it better suited to this time and pandemic situation. According to Wintour, the image is less formal and more approachable, and those features better reflect Joe Biden and the Kamala Harris campaign and their goals.


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