Fashion The clothing rental business is a success story of a pandemic, and now Marimekko’s clothing can be rented from Finland for the first time.

Clothing rental has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years.

Would you rent Marimekko’s novelty dresses for three days for 55 euros? The answer is largely respondent-specific, but now for the first time it is possible at all.

Fashion Finland (Fafi), a promoter of the Finnish fashion industry and the fashion trade, says that Marimekko’s clothes are now available for rent in Finland for the first time. In Stockholm, for example, clothes from a Finnish fashion house have been available for rent before.

In Finland, Marimekko’s clothes can be rented from the online store of the clothing rental company called At Atjén and from the store in Punavuori, Helsinki. The store’s selections include Marimekko’s spring novelties, mainly dresses.

The minimum rental period is three days. The rental price of the clothes starts at 55 euros.

Clothing Leasing has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. For example The Guardian wrote last September that the clothing rental business has been a success story in the fashion industry during a corona pandemic.

The activities of several rental entrepreneurs interviewed by the magazine had grown significantly during 2020.

“Rental is growing in popularity because people are worried about their income but still want something nice and new to put on without financial risk,” described the founder of My Wardrobe HQ. Sacha Newall.

It is the first company in the UK to offer a large-scale clothing rental platform.

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