Fashion Pop star Harry Styles made history by appearing on the cover of Vogue in a dress, but for some conservatives it was too much: “Bring the male men back”

Harry Styles, one of the world’s most popular pop stars, is the first man to appear alone on the cover of fashion magazine Vogue. In a magazine article, Styles talks about how the boundaries of dress are crumbling and how he himself has expanded his dress.

17.11. 11:34 | Updated 17.11. 14:22

Vocalist Harry Styles, 26, has been honored to appear on the cover of the December issue of the world’s most famous fashion magazine, Vogue. Styles posing In the original, U.S. version of Vogue.

Vogue is published in its own versions in several different countries, and Finns became particularly familiar with British Vogue in the spring, when the Prime Minister Sanna Marinia was interviewed by the magazine.

The appearance of Harry Styles on the cover of American Vogue is a historic moment, as it is the first time in the magazine’s more than 100-year history that the man is alone in the cover of the magazine.

Styles is currently one of the most popular pop stars in the world. His album released last year Fine Line was number one on the album list in the United States, among others. The album’s biggest hit has garnered over 850 million listeners on Spotify Watermelon Sugar.

Harry Styles is known for his spectacular outfits. Photo from February 2020.­

Stylesin the image has not garnered exceptional attention simply because he has reached the cover of a fashion magazine as a man.

Originally a pop singer from One Direction, the pop singer poses on the cover of Vogue and dressed in a dress in some of the pictures in the story, which has been considered an excellent example of a trend that has been prevalent in the fashion world for a long time.

Styles During his career, he has already achieved the status of a style icon, whose clothing choices have been followed exceptionally closely at gala events, for example. Meanwhile, with the cover interview, Vogue has released jutun, which reviews the evolution of the Styles style over the years.

The story highlights that Styles has garnered attention with his style almost since the beginning of his career, but especially since 2015, his attire has become bolder. Around the same time, Styles began collaborating with a stylist Harry Lambertin with. When Styles moved into a solo career in 2017, she has performed even more at fashion events, among other things.

In an interview with Vogue, Styles specifically praises Lambert for developing his own style. He recalls finding Lambert’s dress suggestions crazy when the duo first met. Since then, Styles says he learned he can never be overdressed. Styles mentions his musical role model Princen, David Bowien, Elvis and Elton Johnin, all of which he describes as “showmen”.

“What’s particularly exciting is that all the boundaries of dressing are crumbling. When you remove the boundaries and stop thinking, ‘There are men’s and women’s clothing’, an arena opens up where you can play. Sometimes I go to the shops and find myself looking at women’s clothes and thinking they’re awesome. Whenever you set boundaries for yourself in life, you limit yourself, ”Styles says in the story.

Vogue’s December issue cover. Screenshot from the pages of the magazine.­

Stylesin appearing on the cover of a fashion magazine dressed in a dress has garnered a lot of admirable comments in newspaper stories and social media, among others, but it has also provoked the expected backlash.

Well-known conservative commentators, followed by millions of people, are nervous about Styles’ choice of outfit. Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro.

Owens is a commentator on right-wing ideas called a “conservative provocateur” who will be in 2018, among other places. called Black Lives Matter activists “pickers of choice”. Dark-skinned Owens has made it clear that he is not “similar to other black activists,” most of whom strongly oppose Donald Trumpia.

Shapiro is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, a conservative news and opinion site.

Owens shared photos of Styles last weekend and demanded to bring the “male men” back.

Shapiro shared Owens ’tweet and wrote many messages about how men’s dressing dresses feminize men.

Owens and Shapiro’s comments have sparked a typical Twitter battle today. Several other public figures have risen on social media to defend Styles. For example, an actor and a director Olivia Wilde called Owens an “idiot”. Wilde is currently directing the film Don’t Worry Darling, where Styles plays.

Correction at 2:22 p.m .: Ben Shapiro’s last name appeared in the story in the original incorrect form Saphiro.


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