Family ties When Mikael Pentikäinen was fired from Helsingin Sanomat, their sister Mari visited them that evening: “Mika wondered if he should have done something different”

The childhood home of Mikael Pentikäinen, the director of Finnish entrepreneurs, and Bishop Mari Leppänen was from Lestadio. Pentikäinen supported his little sister when the movement excluded Leppänen because of her female priesthood.

Mikael Pentikäinen:

“I am the oldest in a family of seven children. I turned 14 years old after Mari was born. We lived in a detached house in Käpylä, Helsinki. The father was a professor of theology, the mother a researcher and teacher of awakening.

We children were often allowed to take part in my father’s expeditions, including abroad. Among other things, he studied the religions and shamanism of American immigrants and our tribes in Russia.

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