Family Ties | When journalist Erkka Mikkonen introduced her boyfriend as just a friend, the interior minister’s sister Krista Mikkonen still shared a bed with them

Interior Minister Krista Mikkonen, 49, and TV journalist Erkka Mikkonen, 39, are siblings. The brother has taught his older sister the art of performing.

Journalist Erkka Mikkonen introduced her boyfriend to her sister as just a friend, but Interior Minister Krista Mikkonen still let them share a bed.

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2.7. 2:00 am | Updated 7:07 am

Krista Mikkonen:

“When Erkka was born, I was 10 years old. We lived in Koria in a detached house built by grandpa and grandma. There were four children in our family, of which Erkka was the youngest, and I was the second oldest.

Our father Arto worked in the Defense Forces, mother Ritta was a study supervisor and educational planner. I was often a babysitter for Erka and my other little brother For Lauri. Me and my big brother Riku in war games, they had to play the role of a prisoner of war. Later, I often asked them about their homework.

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