Family ties Jutta Zilliacus’ mother was a chambermaid in the tsar’s court and Zilliacus herself Mannerheim’s private secretary – “My mother is iron-strong,” says Stefan Zilliacus

Jutta Zilliacus is now 96 years old and lives in a service house where Stefan goes to see him.

Jutta Zilliacus worked as a politician and writer for equality. Stefan’s son wondered if his father was really cooking.

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Venla Pystynen

2:00 | Updated 8:31

Jutta Zilliacus:

“My son Stefan is the joy of my life, the desired child of love. He has inherited optimism from me, and he has been smiling all his life. It feels weird that he’s already retired. To me, he is always a little boy. Fortunately, he still has his hair on his head.

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