Family ties Feminist politician Minja Koskela only encouraged when sister Meiju went to Temptation Island to seduce busy men

Feminist politician Minja Koskela only encouraged when sister Meiju went to a reality TV series to seduce men. The sisters are now talking about their relationship in the Family Ties series.

Minja Koskela, 33:

“My little sister Meiju is talented, smart and purposeful. He refuses to settle into any of the molds offered to him from the outside, but actively questions them.

Meiju does a somewhat worky job, and lately she’s had ever sharper feminist openings. She has published posts on women’s right to their own bodies and on controlling women’s appearance. Such openings might not be expected Temptation Island reality of a familiar type.

I was born in Heinävesi, but we moved to Lahti before Meiju was born. There are four of us sisters, of which I am the eldest and Meiju the second eldest. We had a room in common with Meiju and we argued a lot.

Our father is a police officer and our mother an oral hygienist. Mother was at home with us as a child. Our parents were encouraging, but they sometimes had silent schools lasting weeks. It was heavy. When I was 12, Dad and Mom parted ways. We stayed with Mom at first, but Meiju later moved in with Dad.

“I had a strong vision of how people should live.”

As a teenager, I became passionately alert. I became interested in positional music and learned to play and perform it myself. I had a strong vision of how people should live. According to Meiju, I was little old.

At school, I didn’t have to see the awful effort to get good grades. It set expectations for Meiju, which may have frustrated her. Mom had strict rules about how much makeup I got and what kind of dress is appropriate. At school I got to use mascara and lip gloss but I don’t wear an open shirt.

Meiju quarreled a lot with her mother. He had a difficult puberty, and at times he was very closed. Still, Meiju needs a lot of her own space and sometimes retreats to her own circumstances. Personally, I am more outward-looking.

As teenagers, we weren’t just dealing with Meiju. She went to Anna Tapio boarding school in the eighth grade, and at the age of 17 I moved to high school in Helsinki. After that, I studied at the Sibelius Academy as a music teacher. After primary school, Meiju studied hotel and restaurant business and worked as a bartender in Lahti. He later studied to be a beautician.

After graduating, I lived in Turku for five years and we weren’t much in touch. When I got the position of a teacher in Lahti, we started to get closer. I went to Meiju once a month to put on the structural nails. It was an important sister moment.

“When I heard that Meiju was going to attend Temptation Island, I thought it was cool.”

When I heard three years ago that Meiju was going to attend Temptation to Iceland, I thought it was cool. In the program, a group of socializing couples leave for an island in Thailand, where the partners are separated and the singles try to seduce these. Meiju was single in the program. Go Meiju, I said.

Meiju’s first time on the show was Iisi, but the following year she went along with her then-boyfriend. I watched a couple of episodes. Meiju had good feminist throws, and she pointed out, for example, that women can’t be talked about in a derogatory way. But I was troubled by the unethical nature of the program. Attempts are being made to paint the empty ends of reality TV participants, and they will bear the consequences for a long time. We, too, have been downplayed, which has annoyed me.

When I saw it on TV, that Meiju couldn’t do well in his relationship Sami Kurosen hosted by the evening campfire, I was unable to watch the program to the end. A desire for protection and resentment arose in me.

Meiju still carries painful feelings in the wake of the program, but I don’t think she regrets her participation. At times, there have been bumps about Meiju that have raised concerns in me about his success – especially if he’s had a retreating period and I haven’t caught him.

“It was written on the internet that I hate men and I speak too sharply. Basic sexism. ”

In 2015, I founded a feminist blog because I wanted to make a social impact. It was written on the internet that I hate men and I speak too sharply. Basic sexism. Meiju’s commentary has been harsher and focused on appearance. It has been harder to endure than throwing a loan at myself. The beauty operations performed by Meiju in particular have been moralized. They are his own choices, and it is not up to me to judge them in any way.

Meiju thinks that haters gonna hate. Still, ugly commentary also hurts. But hate speech does not silence us.

In the last parliamentary election, three parties asked me to run as a candidate. I was working as a dissertation researcher and finalizing my first book Above all, a feminist. I did not run because it would not have been possible to carry out an ambitious election campaign alongside other work.

Two years ago, I became a political expert for the Left Alliance. Recently, in the municipal elections, I was elected to the Helsinki City Council with 5,612 votes. Meiju was in the support group for my campaign. He told his channel that I am a candidate and that he has voted for me. That was a big help.

During the corona period, we have seen quite a bit with Meiju and kept in touch mainly through our sister chat.

I hope we can spend more time together in the future. Meiju is the godfather of my eight-month-old child, and I hope they have a good relationship. ”

Meiju and Minja Koskela in 1995.

Meiju Koskela, 30:

“Minja and I are souls of fire. We are not afraid to say our opinion and we do not avoid conflicts. Minja is much more social than me. He needs people around him, I need my own peace.

We slept side by side in the same room until we broke up. Because of our age difference, we had little friends or games in common. I was interested in makeup and costumes and was an över girl. I lived in the world of imagination for a long time. Minja was more serious again. He read a lot and played the violin at the conservatory. I played the piano.

“As a child, we got a relationship model where conflicts are left unresolved.”

As a child, we got a relationship model in which conflicts are left unresolved. I sensed that our parents were not doing well. The atmosphere was tense for a long time, and the difference was a relief.

I was a rebellious teenager, bad from my mouth. I struggled with my mother especially about looks and often had to wash the kayaks off. Eventually I decided to go to boarding school. Minja was allowed to be freer. He was always so responsible and knew how to justify his needs. She also didn’t put on so much makeup either.

As a teenager, I looked up at Minja. When he moved to high school in Helsinki, our contact decreased. We saw mostly at family celebrations.

When Minja started her blog, I hadn’t yet found feminism. I was misunderstood and sometimes wondered why he can’t just let gender roles be. But eventually, through Minja, feminism became important to me as well.

The older we get, the better we understand each other’s way of doing things. Our relationship came closer when we grew up as a teenager, but especially when I moved to Helsinki a couple of years ago.

“I thought Tempers would give me Instagram followers and visibility.”

Hain Temptation to Iceland, because I like to be on display and I enjoy the attention. I thought that the Templars would help me gain Instagram followers and visibility. Minja said, Jes, cool. He has always fumbled.

First Temppari-the trip was a fun trip. The second time I went along with my boyfriend, and the aftermath was raffia. About me and what I did was written in Jodel. Somek bullying focused on threshing my appearance as well as my relationships. It only made me focus on my failures. At times, I thought everyone hated me. But Minja supported me. He once said, ‘you see, all my guys consider you a sua super type too’. It felt good.

Everything Minja has done in her career has been a real mini-country. Applying for a policy was a good move. It was quite clear to me that I would vote for Minja. Even before his election campaign, I have shared in my some, for example, his texts on feminism and the importance of art and culture.

The older I get, the more I am interested in politics. The municipal elections were interesting not only because of Minja’s participation but also because the campaigning took place in Some. But I didn’t give Minja any tips. I don’t think my style of doing something cute would have been appropriate for a politician.

Minja is like made for politics. He is long-term and has been an activist for many years. He is good at negotiating and will not remain silent under any circumstances.

I was surprised when Minja asked me to be her child’s godmother. It was a big gesture that means a lot. Before her first birth, Minja had a miscarriage, and I was worried about her. I tried to be supportive and listen, but I don’t know if I can completely get over that.

When Korona struck, I was laid off from a clothing store. I decided to start feeding myself a somella. I resigned last fall and I like a socially standout, lifestyle-focused Instagram page.

I have publicly told about my two beauty surgeries as well as the small procedures done on my body. I wanted to be honest because I don’t want to create the impression that my appearance is completely natural, and thus increase the appearance pressures brought by Somen. It is also a feminist statement.

“Because of the cuts and procedures, things I and I drive are easily nullified.”

But because of the cuts and procedures, things I and I drive are easily nullified. It is said that I am lost with myself, which is not the case. Even when I was young, I was belittled when I liked getting involved.

Minja has not commented on my beauty operations. He has never condemned me. And I will not judge. ”

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