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Many living in a relationship sometimes wonder what life would be like if they divorced their partner. Answer the survey in Helsingin Sanomat and tell us why you would like to resign and what might scare you away.

What kind would life be if you were single again?

Many living in a relationship spin the difference in their minds, at least every now and then. What could be better if the relationship ended? And what scares everyone about resigning?

Sometimes a relationship can simply be so miserable that the difference seems to be the only option to get life on track. Sometimes thoughts of separation can be marred by a desire to change something in life – and not so much by a firm will to separate from a partner. One may hope for more romance in one’s life, another may dream of giving away a family life more of their own time.

HS makes a story about it. Tell us about your differences by answering the survey below.

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Comments from respondents who have left their contact information may be used in the story as unidentified. In addition, the supplier may contact those respondents who have given permission.

We do not publish contact information, but the principle of HS is that the identity of the people quoted in the story must be known to the editor.

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