Exhibition Tips See these exhibits this weekend: 18th-century optical illusion, mystical videos, and light art gatherings

Although Lux Helsinki has not yet been organized, light art can be enjoyed in the Muu Gallery.

Old tool, new technology

When In the 18th century, we set out on a journey, a mirror called “Claude’s glass” with a convex and darkened surface that could be carried in the pocket. It made the landscape look like a hazy painting. Salla Myllylä and Laura Vainikan the works experiment with how Claude’s glass can be projected into video works.

Salla Myllylä & Laura Vainikka: Claude’s room 31.1. until in Gallery G. taidegraafikot.fi

Paula Saraste, still image from Weiter zum Wasser.­

Mysterious videos

Demonic the fool dances in the woods and the family escapes an unknown enemy. It’s hard to say what Forum Box’s video works are all about, but maybe that’s why they effectively nail the chair.

Dave Berg, Juhani Koivumäki, Joakim Pusenius & Paula Saraste: Fragments from the Unknown 31.1. In the Forum Box. forumbox.fi

Juha Sääski, detail from Be Happy and Worried, 2018.­

Everything has its downsides

Juha Sääsken there are two worlds on top of each other in the paintings: the colorful world of the happy and its black and white reverse. The meticulous paintings are bursting with detail and biting parallels.

Juha Sääski: Be happy and worried 31.1. until Sculptor. sculptors.fi

Almost Lux Helsinki

Lux Helsinki had to move to the end of February because of the corona, but no worries: the light gallery exhibition at Muu Gallery brings a little color to the darkness. The exhibition highlights the gallery’s renovated premises at the Cable Factory.

Material Light 31.1. until Other Space. other.fi


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