Exhibition evaluation The glass palace sprouts art from the museum all the way to the cinema lobby and roof terrace

The summer group exhibition of three artists will take over the originally planned cultural building as a discussion partner.

Visual arts

Karoliina Hellberg, Tero Kuitunen and Raimo Saarinen: Between us 5.9. until Amos Rex (Mannerheimintie 22 – 24). Open Mon 11–18, Wed – Fri 11–18, Sat – Sun 11–17.

Karoliina Hellbergin in a short film Low Pressure (2014–2021) of the inflorescences, the plump green areas flash in a lightly jumping image stream.

The summery, lightly intuitively advancing work notices associations here and there: delicious clusters of flowers resemble snow piled up in small heaps in winter, and on a hot day the breeze that brings relief is combined with the coolness of the cutlery on the shaded terrace.

Low Pressure belongs to the group exhibition of three artists Among Us. Karoliina Hellbergin, Tero Kuitusen and Raimo Saarinen the ensemble opens Amos Rex’s new series of studio exhibitions.

Karoliina Hellberg, Low Pressure (detail), 2014–2021.

For the start of the series, however, the works escape from Studio Rex, located in the museum’s cave, away from Bio Rex’s lobby.

Where Studio Rex has a more strictly space-bound display, in Bio Rex’s lobby, the works intertwine with their surroundings and sprout towards the open air.

Hellbergin Low Pressure is, for example, hidden in an intimate viewing doctrine placed on a lobby loft at the top of a spiral staircase, and Kuituen’s jewel-like sculptures rest on pedestals resembling a colonnade in a lobby.

Saarinen, on the other hand, has built the whole Apocalypse garden (2021) to the roof terrace of the building, where, despite its dystopian work name, the creek rattles and flowers bloom.

Raimo Saarinen, Apocalypse Garden (detail), 2021.

In the exhibition all works greet each other and their surroundings with different visual and thematic references. As an absolutely essential interlocutor, they have the Glass Palace building.

The Glass Palace is a great starting point for a new series. After all, the entire Amos Rex Museum is in close connection with the “parent building,” in the cavernous “belly” of which the museum’s exhibition spaces are located.

In his time, three young architects, Viljo Revellin, Tribe Riihimäki and Niilo Kokon, designed and completed in 1936, Lasipalatsi had a completely modern cinema in addition to restaurants. There is also a winter garden in the building, which was originally planned to be temporary.

The crowns of the history of the Glass Palace, the winter garden and the cinema, lurk in the background of the works in the exhibition.

Between us exhibition can be approached from many directions.

For those looking for a museum-like visit, it’s a good idea to start with Amos Rex’s exhibition spaces and Studio Rex. Those walking in the city stream can, in turn, spontaneously pop into the contemporary art oasis of the Bio Rex lobby, even in the middle of a summer day.



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