Exhibition evaluation Enigmatic details are revealed in the visually rich works of the five young artists ’promises

Exhibition evaluation Four factors are seen in the Emerging exhibition, Melina Paakkonen presents herself in a private exhibition.

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Emerging 2021 9.5. until the Galerie in Anhava (Fredrikinkatu 43). Tue – Fri 11–17, Sat – Sun 12–16.

Melina Paakkonen 24.5. until Galleria Halmetoja (Kalevankatu 16). Tue, Thu, Fri 11–17, Wed 11–19, Sat – Sun 12–16.

Galerie Anhavan the Joint Exhibition, which has already grown into a small spring tradition, presents four young promises, Emma Jääskeläinen (b. 1988), Emma Luukkalan (b. 1992), Olle Noråsin (b. 1982) and Joel Slotten (b. 1987).

Olle Norås: My new friend by the lake, 2021, gouache on paper.­

They are still not completely unknown names, with the possible exception of the Swedish Norås. For example, Jääskeläinen’s sculptures were seen last year at Kiasma. Slotte, on the other hand, has been chosen as the 2021 young artist.

Joel Slotte: Knight Reel, 2020, oil on canvas.­

The exhibition is, above all, a joint performance of four individuals. On the basis of it, hardly anything more can be said about the direction of young art or the interests of artists.

Strictly I was struck by Joel Slotte’s paintings. Carefully and almost photo-accurately executed works are worth looking closely and taking into account all the enigmatic details that otherwise narrate a bit of static portraiture. Hints are included in both people’s outfits and the plants in the paintings.

Emma Jääskeläinen: Night Studio, 2021, marble, travertine, sheep wool.­

In her sculptures, Emma Jääskeläinen contrasts two almost white materials: marble that requires hard work and soft-formed sheep’s wool.

A large marble hand dominating the floor space and a thick piece held by it (Night Studio, 2021) are a gentle greeting to the American painter To Philip Guston.

Emma Luukkala: Small Important IV, 2021, oil on canvas.­

Emma Luukkalan paintings from the series Small important (2021) are essentially raised and wall mounted Table Tops.

The composition of the works is based on the discussion of small items in the home as well as various breaks and stains on a two-dimensional image surface.

The cosiness of Luukela’s works could hardly be contrasted sharply with Olle Norås’ large gouaches, which open up views of the volcanic primeval landscape, fire and lava.

The meticulous and clearly time-consuming implementation also takes the thoughts to the apocalyptic views of 19th-century romantics.

Spring promising names also include Melina Paakkonen (b. 1989). His materially rich and visually rich paintings are a hilarious and captivating blend of tarot card mystique, the splendor of medieval art, Mexican death dance and Hugo Simbergin symbolism.

Although the works, made with a brisk naive touch, contain almost more details in places than you might think, the exhibition is an intact whole and tends to raise expectations of the next.

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