Exercise | Yo inscriptions taking over the much-needed sports hall – the city of Espoo was worried

In the opinion of the Sports Committee, organizing graduation ceremonies is not a reasonable use for the new Matinkylä sports hall.

Indoor sports halls number compared to the number of users has been a concern of the city of Espoo.

The situation is supposed to ease when the city’s largest sports hall is about to be completed in connection with the new Matinkylä high school.

However, according to the sports board of the city of Espoo, it has now become apparent that the actual users of the hall are being taken away from the use weeks in spring and autumn.

The reason is the graduation ceremony, which is going to be held in the new gymnasium, contrary to the original plan.

“In the opinion of the Sports Committee, this is not an efficient use of the space,” the city’s press release states.

In the board’s opinion, the yo-writing could be organized in the high school’s own premises and at the neighboring Tiistilä school. It writes that it “expresses great concern about the matter.”

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Board is also concerned about the growing hobby fees. Sports clubs are supported with grants for this very reason.

According to the board, it is important that in the future the effects of these grants on hobby fees are monitored more clearly.

According to the city, this monitoring could ensure that the changes in space fees would not increase hobby fees unreasonably.

“The city should have more versatile means than at present to ensure that, for example, grants awarded for organizing free and low-threshold hobby groups are used in clubs for this very purpose and not for other expenses,” the announcement states.

Matinkylä’s high school and sports hall are supposed to be put into use after the turn of the year.

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