Exercise The new indoor swimming pool in Vantaa will be made partly of wood, the roof will be a green roof

The construction of the 36 million Elmo swimming pool was a step forward in political decision-making, but a final decision on the matter has not yet been made.

Vantaa The Elmo swimming pool project planned for Asola is progressing. The Vantaa Leisure Board approved the swimming pool project plan on Tuesday. The project will be decided later by the council.

The construction of the swimming pool is expected to cost about 36 million euros and construction work is scheduled to begin in 2022.

The purpose of the swimming pool is to be partly wooden, so that at least the external walls and most of the façade are made of wood. Wooden “acoustic claddings” of wood are also planned for the interior, the project plan states. Green roofs are also being planned for part of the building.

A total of 7 swimming pools are planned for the swimming pool, in addition to the main pool, among others, there is a therapy pool, a diving pool and a water slide.

It would also be possible to build an indoor swimming pool next to the swimming pool at a later date. Vantaa does not have its own inland swimming pool.

Other sports facilities are also coming to the swimming pool: an additional swimming training room, a gym and a gym.


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