Exercise In Vantaa, felling will begin in the way of the future massive Elmo sports center

Construction work on the first large building, the indoor swimming pool, will begin in early 2023.

In Vantaa construction of the huge Elmo sports park will now begin in September.

In September, the forest will be felled from the area of ​​the future swimming pool and the surrounding sports park. Earthworks are also being carried out in the area, which will continue well into next year.

The area reserved for Elmo is located on Asolanväylä, ie approximately halfway from Koivukylä to Korso.

The first building to rise in the area is a new indoor swimming pool, construction of which will begin in early 2023. When completed in 2025, the new hall will be the largest in Vantaa and visitors are expected to receive 300,000–350,000 a year.

The construction of the hall is estimated to cost EUR 36 million. When Elmo’s swimming pool is completed, Korso’s current swimming pool will be closed.

Other the sports park will be built in stages. Elmo has also designed ball fields, a running line, a long jump place, an ice rink and possibly also an in-ground swimming pool. The northern part of Elmo will remain park-like, ie you can go jogging, climbing, outdoor fitness and group exercise there.



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