Exercise Dance schools decided to open their doors despite the restrictions – “This decision was made as one front,” says Marco Bjurström

Mayor Vapaavuori lifted restrictions on the hobbies of children and young people.

Part companies that organize hobbies for children and young people have reopened their doors this week.

Most dance schools have started or are about to start their dance lessons. Some private sports halls have also resumed operations. Some private sports halls have continued to operate normally throughout the autumn, some have maintained limited operations.

However, hobbies for children and young people in school gyms, city-owned sports halls or swimming pools are not starting yet, as cities are following current recommendations.

The unequal situation has also been exacerbated by the fact that many companies that organize adult sports activities, such as gym chains, have continued to operate normally during the period of corona restrictions.

In dance schools a joint decision has been made to start the lessons, a dance school entrepreneur Marco Bjurström dance school Stepup says.

“As one front, we made this decision to start classes. I understand that all schools are involved. ”

According to Bjurström, the pressure for at least partial opening of schools was strong.

“We have received a lot of messages from families that you could even open up activities for children and young people. In addition, there is pressure here as an employer to offer jobs to our young workers whose lives are just beginning. Yes, we can handle the old rams. ”

The financial pressure has also been strong and, according to Bjurström, some dance schools would have had to close completely if lessons had not started.

In Stepup classes are held for the time being only in established groups of children and young people.

The group sizes are smaller than before and good care is taken of safety gaps, masks and hygiene, Bjurström assures. In addition, the Bjurström school has acquired an extensive ventilation system in the spring, which should ensure more thorough ventilation in the halls than usual.

“Our rationale for ourselves and others is that when children of the same age get to meet there at school then why shouldn’t they meet elsewhere. However, relatively few chains of infection have been detected in children and young people. ”

Junior and the mayor of Helsinki has also raised concerns about restrictions on young people’s hobbies on several occasions Jan Vapaavuori. The Free Mountain considers the current corona restrictions necessary, as the disease situation and the transformation of the coronavirus are worrying.

However, in Vapaavuori’s opinion, the restriction of children’s and young people’s hobbies is an exception among other restrictions.

“We are in a situation where restricting the hobbies of children and young people is starting to do more harm than good. Children and young people should be given special protection. ”

Freedom also worries that people’s confidence in the rationale for restrictions is starting to erode.

“If people who conscientiously adhere to restrictions increasingly begin to perceive the rules as unfair and engage in civil disobedience, it can have a detrimental effect on confidence and success in fighting the virus. “

Free Mountain according to which circumvention of the rules is already visible.

“People are already looking elsewhere in Uusimaa or beyond, for private actors in pursuit of hobbies or hiring their own coaches, i.e. bypassing these restrictions. There are concerns that circumvention is beginning to extend to other activities. ”

Restrictions on recreational activities for young people and children have sparked a debate about the general fairness of the restrictions, as many adult services such as cafes, restaurants and bars have not been closed.

Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko (Central) defended the restrictions on Tuesday In Yle’s A-studio, but did not consider it impossible to make small exemptions from restrictions specifically for children and young people.

According to Saarikko, the fact that restrictions are now applied unevenly to different actors is largely due to the fact that the state inevitably has the means to restrict private companies. Instead, cities and municipalities, as public actors, are obliged to act in accordance with state guidelines.

The government will announce new possible restrictions on Friday. For cross-border traffic increasingly stringent restrictions are expected.

Free mountain supports the idea of ​​stricter border controls. Under it, he said, could open up hobbies for children and young people.

According to Vapaavuori, hobby activities can be carried out with special care in terms of safety.

“If we got the boundaries tighter, we could be a little freer inside the boundaries. However, success in this requires an active dialogue and a willingness to address practical challenges in cooperation between different authorities. ”

The City of Helsinki already has practices for limited hobbies since last autumn. Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa have jointly made plans for the activities of children and young people to be even partially opened.

This would probably only happen for well-established groups with strictly different constraints. For example, team games, tournaments, or shows are unlikely to take place for a long time to come.


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