Euthanasia Spain intends to legalize euthanasia as the fourth European country

The law is due to enter into force in June. Euthanasia is already allowed in European countries in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

18.3. 13:53

From Spain is becoming one of the few countries where euthanasia is allowed when the lower house of parliament approved its legalization in its vote on Thursday.

The law on euthanasia is due to enter into force in June.

In this way, Spain would be the fourth country in Europe where euthanasia is no longer a crime. The other countries are the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Portuguese Parliament also passed a law with the same content in January, but the Constitutional Court annulled it this week.

In Spain pro-law left and center parties. By law, a person may seek death assistance if he or she has a “serious or incurable disease” or if his or her condition is “chronic and crippling”. The purpose of the law is thus to avoid “intolerable suffering”.

The new law has strict criteria for death assistance. Among other things, when making an application, the patient must be “fully aware of the situation” and the request must be made in writing twice, with 15 days in between.

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