European Union US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo canceled his trip to Europe at the last minute when EU officials refused to meet him

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s trip to Luxembourg and Brussels was canceled due to the Washington riot.

The United States foreign minister Mike Pompeo has canceled his last-minute trip to Europe when the Luxembourg foreign minister and a number of senior European Union officials refused to meet him, news sources told reporters Reuters.

An exceptional cancellation of the trip happened a week after the president Donald Trumpin supporters attacked the U.S. Congress Building in Washington.

Pompeo is one of Trump’s close allies. Mr Pompeon was to meet first with the Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn and then EU leaders and diplomats in Brussels.

The original plan to travel to Luxembourg failed when officials there showed a reluctance to make appointments with Pompeo.

Brussels the visit was canceled in the last ting, although the thin itinerary had raised questions about the significance of the trip. There were no meetings with EU officials or public events at NATO on Pompeo’s schedule. A diplomatic source explained to Reuters that Pompeo embarrassed many EU partners and made them embarrassed after the Washington violence.

Trump incited his supporters to violence last Wednesday. Pompeo condemned the violence, but did not refer to Trump’s bare election fraud allegations that incited the riot.

The next day, Asselborn called Trump a “criminal” and a “political pyromaniac” on the radio.

The Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that the visit has been canceled but refused to provide further information. The EU declined to comment, according to Reuters.

In Brussels, Pompeon was also scheduled to dine with the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg with him in his private residence as well as to meet with the Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes.


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