European Union France Télécom: Nuclear and natural gas included in the Commission’s environmental classification of investments

According to the draft proposal, nuclear power can be considered a sustainable business. The Commission is expected to publish the proposal in mid-January.

European the commission is including nuclear power and natural gas in its taxonomy proposal, he says Financial Times -magazine.

With the environmental classification of investment targets, ie the taxonomy, the EU aims to guide investments in the future so that they support climate- and environmentally sustainable projects.

According to the draft proposal seen by the magazine, nuclear power can be considered a sustainable business as long as EU countries dispose of the nuclear waste from their nuclear power plants safely and as long as no serious damage is done to the environment.

Natural gas is also eligible for transitional energy, but stricter conditions are being set for it, for example in terms of emissions.

The EU is working to move towards sustainable energy, but solutions are needed in the transition phase to meet the growing demand for electricity.

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Christmas below the estimate was that the show is expected to be released in mid-January. Before the announcement, EU countries will have a couple of weeks to comment on the Commission’s proposal.

The Commission’s proposal was originally expected as early as last year, but preparations have been protracted due to a great deal of political pressure.

France, Finland and many other member states have flagged for a taxonomy solution favorable to nuclear power.

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