European Union Eurobarometer: More than three quarters in the EU believe that the use of Union funds should be conditional on the rule of law

Less than 40% of respondents in EU countries estimate that the coronavirus has already affected personal income.

More than three a quarter of respondents in EU countries consider that the use of Union funds should be conditional on the application of the rule of law and democratic values ​​in the Member States; Eurobarometer survey.

77% of respondents agreed fully or to some extent with this statement. 12% of respondents completely or to some extent disagreed. 11% could not state their position.

The Czech Republic was the only EU country where less than 70% of respondents agreed at least to some extent. In Finland, 79 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement.

Rule of law is one of the cornerstones of the EU. It simply means that the exercise of public power is based on the law. Key factors include the independence of the judiciary and respect for fundamental rights. The EU requires each Member State to commit itself to the rule of law.

The principle has been the subject of extensive debate in recent days Due to the controversy over the EU budget. Hungary and Poland have withdrawn their support from the EU budget and the Recovery Fund because they oppose a mechanism to link the use of EU aid to the rule of law.

However, according to Eurobarometer, there is widespread support in these countries for the rule of law.

In the survey inquiries were also made about the effects of the coronavirus crisis on the personal economic situation of EU residents.

39 percent of respondents said the situation has already affected their own income. 27 percent expected this to happen in the future. Equally many people estimate that the coronavirus crisis will have no impact on revenue.

In five Member States, more than half of respondents said that the coronavirus had already affected incomes. These countries were Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria.

Finland was one of the countries where the effects of the corona on income were felt the least. In Finland, 21 per cent felt that the crisis had already affected incomes and 30 per cent believed that this would happen in the future. More than half of the respondents, 51 per cent, did not experience the crisis affecting income levels.

The income impact of the coronavirus crisis was smaller in three Member States: the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark.

Eurobarometricthe survey was part of a series commissioned by the European Parliament to survey citizens’ views in the midst of a coronavirus crisis. The survey was conducted in late September and early October on an Internet panel of the Kantar Research Institute in 26 Member States and by telephone in Malta. There were 24,812 respondents.


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