European Union Can a vegetable sausage be called a sausage? The EU Parliament will consider the proposal next week

MEPs are due to vote on the motion on Wednesday.

European next week, Parliament will consider a proposal on the labeling of agricultural products.

The proposed regulation would restrict the names of plant products on the European market. If adopted, vegetable steak should no longer be called steak or, for example, vegetable sausage as sausage.

MEPs are due to vote on a proposal backed by Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture on Wednesday.

Parliamentary Member of the Committee on Agriculture Petri Sarvamaa (kok) would have liked changes to that proposal. He said in a July release he understood the perspective of meat producers, but considered the proposal “very unfair”.

Of the Finnish meadows, at least Ville Niinistö (vihr) has criticized the proposal. He described it on Twitter as a nutshell and a “furious attempt” by meat industry lobbyists to get competitors out of the market.

“The same as a meatball would be banned because meat tries to disguise itself as a pastry,” Niinistö wrote on Wednesday.

Environmental organizations more than a week ago, a joint letter to MEPs emphasized that EU agricultural policy must not undermine people’s transition to a more vegetarian diet. The organizations consider the proposal to be in conflict with the EU’s own climate goals.

In their letter, the organizations also refer to the Commission’s report that the market for herbal substitutes for meat and dairy products has grown promisingly, both at an annual rate of more than 10%.

Representatives of the meat industry have again stressed that traditional names of meat products in vegetarian foods mislead consumers.

At issue has been a widely discussed topic in the past and has also been raised at national level in the Member States of the European Union.

In France came into force in the summer the law, which defines in more detail how vegetable – based products may be named.

In Finland, the Finnish Food Safety Authority has issued an opinion on the matter. According to it, vegetable meat is not a suitable term to describe a plant-based product. Food company Pouttu has complained the decision of the Agency to the Administrative Court.

Instead, in the view of the Food Agency, the terms vegetable or vegan may be associated with names which imitate meat products, for example vegetable sausage, dumpling or steak are acceptable names on the labeling.


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