“European Pharmaceuticals” reviews the data of a new drug for Corona

A pill of the new anti-Corona drug “molnopiravir”

The European Medicines Agency has begun reviewing data on a new treatment for COVID-19, caused by infection with the emerging coronavirus.
The agency, which is responsible for licensing valleys in the European Union and is headquartered in Amsterdam, said today, Monday, that its experts are scheduled to begin evaluating data related to the effect of the anti-Coronavirus drug “molnopiravir”.
This drug, which is taken in tablet form, is produced by the American pharmaceutical company “Merck”.
According to the results of the initial tests, the drug weakens the effect of the Corona virus on the body, which theoretically means putting an end to the transmission of infected people.
Hospitals and even no deaths due to the virus.
Experts from the European Medicines Agency are now examining data on the quality, safety and efficacy of the new drug. Once the data screening process is completed, an application can be submitted for EU accreditation, although the agency has not set a time frame for this.
So far, only one drug has been approved in the European Union for the treatment of Covid-19 disease, while applications have been submitted for approval of five other drugs, four
Of which are currently under review.

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