European Football Championship The statistics site went through the early stages of the European Championships – Lukas Hradecky’s best goalkeeper

The owl’s number one winch was also the second best player in the entire European Championships after traveling home after the first blocks.

25.6. 12:03

For football statistics specialized Whoscored.comThe site announced its selection as the best players in the early stages of the European Championships on Thursday night.

In Finnish, the list is handsome to read. Your name is Whoscored, which uses Statistics Opta’s data constellation as a goalkeeper Lukas Hradeckyn.

Hradecky, who has played in all three European Championship matches, is averaging 7.53. Whoscored rates players on a scale of 4 to 10.

Hradecky got his best score in the match against Denmark, where he played a tie and fought Pierre-Emile Højbjergin penalty kick. Hradecky’s rating was 6.62 against Russia and 6.79 against Belgium.

The initial block phase in the list of the best players, Hradecky’s rating is enough for 14th place.

Belgium is number one Kevin De Bruyne (8.84) before Italy Marco Verrattia (8.56) and Portugal Cristiano Ronaldoa (8.06). The statistics include 470 players.

List the second best goalkeeper Stole Dimitrievskin the rating was 7.15. Dimitrievski, representing Northern Macedonia, was 47th in the list of all players.

About Finns The top 50 can also be accommodated Jere Uronen. He was 49th with a grade of 7.14.

The third Owler player, who averaged more than seven ratings, finished in 65th place on the list. Daniel O’Shaughnessy (7.08).

Of the players who went home after the first round, Poland received the best rating Robert Lewandowski (7.58). Hradecky is second on this list right after Lewandowski.



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