European Football Championship The Spanish newspaper branded the fall of England as hypocrites, the British responded with an ironic joke

In Spain, there was anger, but in England, only self-ironic humor was carved about the fall of Raheem Sterling.

English advanced to the European Football Championship final deservedly, but the decision goal from the penalty spot was a bitter way for Denmark to fall.

Raheem Sterling dived spectacularly in overtime, although he made little contact with the Danish defenders. The situation was checked in the VAR room, but the ball was nevertheless taken to a comma. Harry Kane scored 2-1 wins.

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The European press was completely wild about the fall of Sterling and the polka dot judgment, Reuters write.

In the Spanish newspaper Marca, the English were accused of being hypocrites.

“They always complain about when a foreign player tries to cheat the referee by diving. Of course, this is not the case in pure English football. Except in the European Championship semi-finals. It would be nice if the English stopped teaching the rest of Europe about the crash, ”the magazine wrote.

Also a former German national team player Dietmar Hamann steamed from the solution paint.

“They won with a rank that was an obvious filming. England always praises himself as a fair game player and an opponent of diving, ”Hamann wondered.

British entertainment magazine Daily Star showed self-irony by pressing pictures on the front page of its magazine Ciro Immobilen and the collapse of Sterling. Both caused a great stir in the Games.

Immobile’s image read “100% suspicious,” while Sterling’s read “100% almost genuine”.

There was also a large picture of pizza on the cover of the magazine, on which another self-ironic text was written.

“When cunning Italians accuse our heroic players of acting to get a rank, we ask: What have the Romans ever done for us? … except for aqueducts, sanitation, roads, irrigation, education, good wine, order, wonderful baths, beautiful women, incomprehensibly digestible men, and pineapple-coated pizzas. We could come up with that last one. ”



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