European Football Championship The rematch of the European Championships will start on Saturday – HS will evaluate how the quarterfinals will go

The encounter between Belgium and Portugal is a treat for the quarterfinals.

Football the opening rounds of the men’s European Championships were completed on Wednesday, with the quarter-finals of the top 16 teams starting on Saturday.

HS goes through the quarter-finals match pairs and evaluates which teams will advance to the semi-finals. In parentheses teams world ranking.

Wales (17th) – Denmark (10th)

The runners-up in Groups A and B will open the quarterfinals. Both rely on a strong team game, but the Welsh stars have sparkled a little brighter.

Gareth Bale has scored two of Wales ’three goals but failed in the penalty kick in Turkey’s victory.

Denmark scratched itself on after losing its biggest star Christian Eriksenin already in the opening match against Finland. The 4-1 win in the final round from Russia lifted the team’s elimination from the brink to the next, so self-confidence and team spirit are in order.

Denmark have scored the most goals per goal in the tournament, as many as 22 times. The Wales reading is 10.

Estimate: Denmark on.

Italy (7th) – Austria (23rd)

Italy has been the most convincing team of the tournament so far, winning all Group A matches with a 7-0 overall goal difference. The team has breadth and quality in every area.

Austria took second place in the Dutch-won Group C ahead of Ukraine. The team clearly loses the comparison to Italy in each area of ​​the field, and the best chance to advance is through overtime and a penalty shootout.

Estimate: Italy to continue.

Dutch (16th) – Czech Republic (40th)

The Netherlands already scored both the best and the worst in its opening match against Ukraine. The fully-held match slipped from a 2-0 lead to a draw, but eventually a 3-2 win came off.

The team has a strong centerline that can carry surprisingly far. Captain Georginio Wijnaldum has already scored three goals and attacked the number one cannon Memphis Depay two.

The Czech Republic was third in block D after England and Croatia. The team scored all three goals in the first half Patrik Schick.

The Czech hope rests in close defense and on Schick’s shoulders.

Estimate: The Netherlands continues.

Belgium (1) – Portugal (5th)

Belgium, which won the Finnish group in a clean game, was not actually rewarded for its performance, as – excluding the block winners – the team ranked highest in the tournament will come.

Belgium rolled out Russia and Finland, but was in trouble against Denmark in the opening half. The other scored two goals, resulting in a 2-1 win.

There is enough potential to win the tournament, but still the first hurdle may be too high.

Portugal started the tournament sluggishly and managed tough Hungary only with a last-minute goal. Against Germany, the team was badly under the roller, but in the final match against France, the performance was again quite intact.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored as many as five of the team’s seven goals, including three penalty kicks. In addition, the account has one goal feed.

The teams have been very steady in the tournament in light of the statistics so far, and it’s a good idea to expect a quarterfinal treat from this match. Belgium gets Ronaldo more easily disciplined than Portugal hit three times Romelu Lukakun.

Estimate: Belgium to continue.

Croatia (14th) – Spain (6th)

Croatia made their way to second place in the D-block before the Czech Republic with the same goal difference, but with the help of the goals scored.

The team didn’t actually convince in any of the matches. The team shot a total of 30 times, including 10 goals.

The Spanish game only opened properly in the E-block final match, and Slovakia got a 5-0 spanking. That was enough for second place in the block after Sweden.

Spain have fired a total of 45 times in the tournament. 19 shots have been taken towards the goal, which is the second highest after Denmark (22).

Estimate: Spain to continue.

France (2nd) – Switzerland (13th)

France didn’t actually convince in the “death block,” but still ranked first ahead of Germany and Portugal.

The team only shot ten times per opponent’s goal and scored four goals, one of which was German Mats Hummels own goal.

However, the potential is very much on paper for the Games, so there is plenty to afford to improve.

Switzerland ranked third in Group A after Italy and Wales. It scored four goals like France, but shot a total of 15 times per goal.

The team has enough skill to surprise, but the 0-3 loss to Italy gives direction from the level difference to the absolute top teams.

Estimate: France to continue.

English (4th) – German (12th)

A true classic and a second treat for the quarter-finals, though neither team has convinced the European Championships so far but in a flash.

The first block of England went really sticky. It beat Croatia and the Czech Republic 1-0, but was left undefeated in a draw with Scotland.

England scored five goals a total of pathetic five times. It releases the third to last place in the tournament above Finland (3) and Slovakia (2).

In the opening match, Germany played evenly against France, even though they lost. The victory in Portugal on a score of 4 to 2 showed what the team is capable of. Against Hungary, the rise to 2–2 and second place was a sign of mental toughness.

Estimate: Germany to continue.

Sweden (18th) – Ukraine (24th)

In the blue-yellow encounter, Sweden is a slight pre-favorite, but the sequel really doesn’t come off with mediocre performance.

Sweden won the E-block and left behind Spain, among others. Ukraine, on the other hand, was third in Group C after the Netherlands and Austria.

Sweden have shot just eight times per goal in the tournament, Ukraine 14. The total number of shots is 29 and 30.

They both scored four goals in the first block, and a low goal can also be predicted from the last encounter of the quarterfinals.

Both teams have their own stars, but in Sweden the responsibility is somewhat wider than in Ukraine.

Estimate: Sweden to continue.

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