European Football Championship The party broke out at the market when Finland won the Danish European Championship block – HS’s image compilation shows charm

Finland’s European Championship debut was dramatic. At the market square, relief flowed from the partygoers.

“Oh Finland is!”

In this way, hundreds of football fans gathered to celebrate Finland’s European Championship debut victory lingered late Saturday night around the Manta statue. Finland won Denmark 1-0 in a historic and dramatic game.

On-site photographer for Helsingin Sanomat Juhani Niiranen describes the partygoers jumping and dancing in their delighted little circles at the Market Square. Cars drive on the Esplanade and the Horns ring.

The young people celebrate Finland’s victory over Denmark at the Market Square.

This time, though, no one is swimming in the fountain. The fragile statue is fenced out of the reach of the celebrants. The police are monitoring the party.

Finnish fans aired happily for the evening that ended.

Dramatic the game was suspended for forty minutes after it started as a Danish star player Christian Eriksen short-sighted. Eriksen was resuscitated in a live broadcast. Later in the evening, it was reported that Eriksen is conscious and in a stable state in the hospital, after which the game continued at half past nine local time.

Both teams decided they wanted to play until the end of the match.

Striker Joel Pohjanpalo puski Jere Urosen scored in the 60th minute. Keeper Lukas Hradecký in turn rejected Pierre-Emile Højbjergin penalty in the 74th minute.

Finland will play their next game against Russia on Wednesday.

Tinja Salmi (left) and Natalia Nevaranta rejoiced at the statue of Manta The European Championship victory over Denmark was celebrated at the Market Square.



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