European Football Championship The Italian and British posts congratulated the champion in the same way, following a well-known slogan

The message from both postal companies included football, the address of which was home, Rome, the capital of Italy, instead of England.

Italy awoke on Monday to a new week as the new European football champion at the English football home after winning the European Championship finals at Wembley.

The English were heavily disappointed, and the slogans “It’s coming home” and “Football’s coming home” cultivated by supporters were still not covered.

Football still didn’t return home. The only English championship is still the World Cup gold achieved in 1966 in front of the home crowd.

Royal Mail, Britain’s leading mail carrier, took advantage of its It’s coming home theme on social media. Royal Mail published After the semi-final won by England, a picture with the address Home written on top of the packaged football.

After the final, the Royal Mail published the same ad image again, slightly modified. The first letter H of the word had changed to the letter R, so the address of the ball became Rome, or Rome.

Italian the post office Poste Italiane tackled the same issue about half an hour after the Royal Mail. The image it publishes is practically a direct copy of an English ad.

“Congratulations Azzurri,” Poste Italiane wrote in connection with their message.

In a conversation with the message, the idea copied from the British was noticed and applauded to the person in charge of social media updates.

Royal Mail’s message, in turn, garnered criticism of high postage.

“You billed me £ 15.80 [eli reilut 18 euroa] from the envelope to Dublin. Those two stamps don’t bring the ball to Rome, ”one commenter wrote.



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