European Football Championship The incomprehensible own goal took the Spanish lead, the Owl’s straw was strengthened again – HS follows the E-block matches Sweden-Poland and Slovakia-Spain at 7 p.m.

Poland should not beat Sweden, and a favorable result from another match is needed to keep Finland’s future dreams alive.

Finland the thin straw of the men’s national football team in relation to the continuation of the European Championships is in danger of breaking when the E-block is played to completion.

HS momentarily monitors the match between Sweden and Poland and also reports on the situation in Slovakia-Spain in the second fight in the block.

In terms of Finland’s continued aspirations to survive, Poland must not defeat Sweden.

In addition, Spain must defeat Slovakia by at least three goals or Slovakia must defeat Spain by any result.

If these conditions are met, the focus will shift to the Germany-Hungary and Portugal-France matches in the F-Group Final Round starting at 10 pm.



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