European Football Championship The former coach of the Owls confused his speeches in Sweden and made the bench athletes mock their calmness

Hans Backe commented on the European Championships for the Swedish TV4 channel.

Finland former head coach of the national football team Hans Backe got the spectators who were excited about the first round match of the European Championships between Sweden and Poland confused.

The Swedish magazine Aftonbladet describes how the 69-year-old veteran was like calm himself at the same time as the rest of Sweden chewed his nails in excitement.

As a TV4 expert at the European Championships, Backe described the first half as being “fairly simple” and “complete control” for his home country. Sweden led 1-0 at the time.

Calmness and confidence continued after Sweden lost their two-goal lead as Poland leveled to 2-2. It made Swedish bench athletes ask if they were watching the same match as Backe. Someone mocked wanting Backel for an explanation for the government crisis.

Sweden eventually won the match 3–2. Backe opens Aftonbladet on Midsummer Eve publishing in an interview comments. He says his optimism was based on Poland’s forced victory and the opportunities for retaliation it opened up.

“You always get one or two chances when your opponent has to win,” Backe says.

Its initial block winning Sweden will face Ukraine in their quarterfinals on Tuesday. Backe says the Swedish offensive game left much to be desired in the first block. He wants the team to dominate the match more than before.

Backe tells Aftonbladet that he believes Sweden will advance to the semifinals. He masters France as champion.

Aftonbladet also asks Backe’s views on other issues of concern to Swedes. The former Owl Pilots are not interested in the Midsummer weather at all and he does not feel his country is in a government crisis despite the overthrow of the government.

“What crisis? We have electricity, water and food. Damn, I don’t see any crisis, ”Backe replies.

With regard to the coronavirus pandemic, Backe sees light at the end of the tunnel. She says she herself has received two coronary vaccines and feels safe. Climate change, on the other hand, is an issue where the information from the Owl ex-pilot could be better.

“I’m not too familiar with the climate issue, but I admire those who fight for the climate.”

Backe believes Sweden will beat Ukraine by 2-1 in its quarterfinals.

He coached the Finnish national team in 2016 in a total of 11 matches, of which Huuhkajat failed to win any. The balance of the era that ended in kicks was two draws and nine losses.



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