European Football Championship The eyewitness was already afraid of the worst in Parken’s auditorium until he heard the words of the cardiologist

Vantaa-based Simo Pöyhönen witnessed Christian Eriksen’s snuggling up close in the European Championships match.


Finland fans Simo Pöyhönen sat on Saturday in the 12th row of the side spectator of Parken Stadium just where the Danish player Christian Eriksen treated after arresting bulge.

“He accepted the sideline and was in his face for a while. When the Danish guys put him on his side, I realized that now is a bad situation,” Pöyhönen said on Sunday morning in Copenhagen.

As the Danish players put Eriksen in a sideways position and gestured for help, everyone realized that this was now the case.

“We saw in the stands that he was lifeless. Many thought he would die for it. ”

Fortunately hope swelled quite quickly. The resuscitation began quickly, and Pöyhönen, through his acquaintances, heard the soothing words of a Finnish cardiologist (cardiologist) in the auditorium.

“The cardiologist had determined that resuscitation would not have stopped so quickly if it had not produced a result.”

Eriksen care and privacy were protected by at least one Finnish flag. Pöyhönen did not see if anyone gave the ticket to the field or whether the Danish players took it from the guardrail.

The behavior of the thousands of Finnish fans at Parken has garnered wild praise.

“The gang put the cameras away as a joint decision and was silent, Pöyhönen describes the initial phase.

Then the Finland end began to shout rhythmically “Christian!”, To which the side spectator replied “Eriksen!”. The Danes were soon joined by the Danes.

“I said yesterday that we have had these country brand working groups, but Saturday was probably better than any of them.”

Pöyhönen tells in a video about the gestures of Danish fans:

Pöyhönen noticed that even in English, he was a very followed English star Gary Lineker takes note of Finland.

“That brought the classic threshold now.”

When Pöyhönen and other Finnish fans left the stadium on foot or by metro towards the center of Copenhagen, the Danes spontaneously thanked the Finns for their wonderful respect for the best player in the country.

Finland won the first national team match of the men’s national team 1–0 Joel Pohjanpalon with paint.

“The paint made me feel emotional because I was wearing a Pohjanpalo shirt. Denmark once gave space to Finland and that was enough. ”

The goal-scoring attempts in the match were 23-1 in favor of Denmark. Finland is the first country in the history of the European Championships or World Championships to win a match with one goal-oriented company.

Pöyhönen from Vantaa also has tickets for Russian and Belgian matches. With this information he intends to use them.

The story of the owls has been marvelous, but Saturday’s game was more intense than anything before this.

“Next it will probably rain locusts from the sky,” Pöyhönen blessed.

According to the latest information, Eriksen is in a stable condition and has been able to communicate with his loved ones from Rigshospitalet. Eriksen has already tasted liver pastas.

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Luckily for Christian, Christian Eriksen quickly got help. The closest of the players is Captain Simon Kjaer.

Concerns about Eriksen’s fate were shared by Danish and Finnish supporters.

Joel Pohjanpalo didn’t want to blow his historic goal.

For Finnish supporters in the evening, Parken had a roller coaster of emotions.

Eriksen is treated at this Rigshospitalet near Parken.



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