European Football Championship The English youth department takes on a strong role: Phil Foden is already touching the star position, but the names Rice and James are also worth remembering

Football The European Championship finals are yet another chance for England: a chance to take the championship or a chance to get some fierce judgments with manager kicks.

One thing is for sure, the English manager Gareth Southgate has not selected his team based on his old merits. The team has a slew of twenty players, of whom HS now introduces three players in more detail: Phil Foden, Declan Ricen and Reece Jamesin.

Manchester City’s offensive midfielder, winger link or even your lie Foden, 20, would hardly have been a likely player for the English team’s Opening Lineup if the Games had been played a year ago. He has risen to a new level in a year.

“For the period 2020–2021, Foden rose from a top promise to a true superstar category and was a major factor Pep Guardiolan In the city, which has been described as one of the best teams of the century, ”says HS expert, Käpylän Pallo’s boys ‘B-Juniors’ head coach Miika Nuutinen.

“Too good to sit on the bench.”

Nuutinen emphasizes that Foden is able to participate in all stages of offensive play and produce progression spherical and non-spherical.

“All the alarm bells are ringing. It’s hard to see why you couldn’t be one of the best players in the world. ”

What makes Foden a special player? Ball handling, first touch and ball transport are top notch.

“One of Foden’s‘ signature move ’ [tunnusomainen liike] is a turn with the first touch: Foden receives the ball in a semi-closed playing position, from which he turns with one touch away from the guard, ”says Nuutinen.

Nuutinen also emphasizes Foden’s input skills and selection, as well as excellent input encryption.

“Breaking feeds start at full speed even with a short charge.”

If you look for any weaknesses in Foden, it is the effectiveness of the finish in paint situations.

“A lot decides how effective playing Foden becomes. Has not yet shown that the powers would explode. Power has increased, but has not proven to be an exceptionally good scorer. ”

Declan Rice is a strong candidate for England’s defensive midfielder.

West Hamin Declan Rice, 22, are the players subject to the biggest transfer rumors of the summer. Chelsea’s breeder is perhaps returning from East London to West London with a plush transfer fee of more than € 80 million.

Before that, the European Championship finals will be played, with Rice being the cornerstone of England’s midfield bottom.

“Rice is already a top player in defensive play and is constantly evolving into a better and better ball mover,” Nuutinen estimates.

There are good skills up to the queue: depriving the ball, cutting the feeds and playing loose ball are top notch.

“Defending the young man could easily be made into an educational video for juniors right now.”

Nuutinen still has plenty more words of praise for playing Rice.

“Rice’s excellent observation and decision-making in defense allows for power outages. The head rotates constantly, constantly adjusting its position in its own players. Closes feed directions. Really homogeneous and logical defensive gaming. ”

One clear weakness or flaw in Rice’s play is: he’s indeed strongly focused on defense. Attacking skills are also required at the very top of his playing field.

“It’s interesting to follow Rice’s development, as to reach the next level this needs to further improve offensive gaming. Without it, Rice will be ‘just’ a good Premier League player outside the big lights. ”

Reece James has risen to the top guard of the wing defenders.

English the place of the right wing defender is interesting: Southgate selected as many as four players for the European Championship crew. One of them already dropped out when Trent Alexander-Arnold injured.

This led to Chelsea Reece Jamesin, 21, the chances of getting into the opening lineup increased significantly. If England used the three-top system, James would be in an even better position in the competition, among other things Kyle Walkeria against.

“James is an offensive winger on his basic profile, but he manages the winger’s plot holistically and is only a 21-year-old player who finds it very difficult to find significant weaknesses,” says Nuutinen.

Instead, a little tweaking is still required to play James.

“James still has room for improvement in line-up – a weak adjustment of the game position occasionally gives an advantage to the ball-free striker. Likewise, defending in a box is not yet unmistakably flawless. ”

In attack situations Nuutinen sees James with both strengths and weaknesses as he gets to focus the ball on the goal.

“Excellent right-foot kicking technique and fast rhythm allow for quality balls, especially from a favorite spot in the corner of the box, but on the other hand, at full speed and under pressure, the quality of the concentrations still breaks down too much.”



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