European Football Championship The Danish Minister of Defense wrote to Finland – thanked the players and supporters of the Owners

Minister of Defense Antti Kaikkonen published the letter on social media.

Danish Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen sent a letter to his Finnish colleague on Sunday To Antti Kaikkonen (kesk) to thank the Owners fans and supporters.

Kaikkonen shared the letter On Facebook and On Twitter.

“I am writing to you to express my sincere appreciation for the considerate behavior of the Finnish players and supporters during yesterday’s distressing football match,” Bramsen began his letter.

“Our thoughts are Christian Eriksenin and his family, and the attitude of the Finnish players and supporters was really comforting and heartwarming during those scary minutes. ”

Bramsen wrote that the behavior of Finns underscores the real Nordic bond and friendship in a genuine and gratifying way.

Danish star Eriksen shortened to the grass of Copenhagen’s Parken Stadium in the middle of the opening half of the Finnish and Danish European Championships. He was transported to the hospital after resuscitation, and the match resumed later on Saturday.

On Sunday, it turned out that Eriksen had had a cardiac arrest.

At the end of his letter, Bramsen congratulated All of the Owners on a 1-0 victory and wrote that it was deserved.

“We are guaranteed to see that Finland has a good defense,” Bramsen added.

Kaikkonen praised the letter sent by Bramsen as kind.

“Football connects,” Kaikkonen wrote.

Kaikkonen and Bramsen will meet later in June in Helsinki. Bramsen wrote looking forward to meeting.

Correction 13.6.2021 at 17.23: Contrary to what was previously incorrectly written in the news, Eriks did not have a heart attack, but a cardiac arrest.



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